Green Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation Body Slimming Ultrasonic 1Mhz Massager Beuaty

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Green Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation Body Slimming Ultrasonic 1Mhz Massager Beuaty

Skin Rejuvenation device


Ultrasound Ultrasonic Skin Care
1 Elimination of wrinkles (continuous exposure mode)
The condition of beauty is absence of wrinkles. Therefore, healthy skin means that your skin appears tender and elastic.When the elastic protein of your skin becomes aged, the skin loses its tender and elasticity and this is when your skin becomes aged.the skin loes its tender and elasticity and this is when wrinkles develop noticeably,these type of wrinkles are not tiny wrinkles, but remarkable once appearing on the forehead and around the cheek, for some tiny wrinkles,owing to the reduced speed of the metabolism in your skin,the keratinized cells tend to remain.On the epidermis const-antly,thus unable to carry out the replacement from newly developed cells, resulting in occurs skin tiny wrinkles, under sch circumstances, immediate use the ultrasonic massager will effectively improbe wrinkles in bringing about a shiny face, the effect is remarkable

2 Elimination of dark spots (continuous exposure mode)
You need not worry about the sunlight so much because you are still young,however, as you get older, gradually black spots become noticeable,therefore, in suing the ultrasounic massager for 15 minutes,the colors of these spots will become lighter,for finy black spots, obvious effects can be seen just within a short period of time,displaying the power of ultrasonic waves in destroying melanin. Therefore,ultrasonic waves can make black spots become lighter with a bleaching effect,hence whitening your skin.Experiments have testified that in using the ultrasonic waves, the melanin would pass through blood vessels or lymphatic vessels to kidneys where it will be discharged from the body along with the urine

3 Elimination of acne (continuous exposure mode)
Sebaceous glands are found in the deep part of hair pores from where sebum is secreted, These secreted fats together with the sweat secreted from the sweat glands tend to be mixed in forming the sebaceous membrane which protects your skin during the provess of growing up from childhood to adulthood, there are times when hormones become unbalanced and the sebaceous glands controled by hormones continuously secrete sebum, furthermore, excessive secreion blocks hair pores and cause bacteria to get into your hair pores and from inflammations and this is the time in which acne develops, therefor, it is necessary to wash away the oil from your face first, then use the ultrasonic waves,which has the cleansing action,as well the ability to remove impurities from the hair pores,for the easy curing of acne


1 Elimination of obesity(Pulse mode)
Most obese people reason is that too many nutrients, there for some part of the excreted part of the absorption in the body to digest collection, which was received carbohydrate or protein will become there the body fat, so fat is too much fat, and
Fat, of course, exercise can burn fat while you lose weight,
But many people can not persevere, the results are poor,the use of ultrasound massage can eliminate fat, so much the consumer In addition to fat, as with ultrasound, the ultrasonic oscillation mentioned ,Fat part of the temperature rise at this time will break down, then last row out of the body.
2 Weight-loss (continuous exposure mode)
According to ultrasonic radiation, the effect can break down fat, and was part of the implementation of local irradiation of obesity, we can reach local skinny .The effect of the body, usually the site easy to accumulate fat in the abdominal department, buttocks, thighs, calves or double chin on a daily basis implementation of a 15-minute ultrasound exposure, about two months time can become the envy of so there is slim. 

How to use

1. Press button “ON OFF” button (the red round one) to turn on the massager. The lowest light is on .
2. Press button “UP” (the yellow one) to increase the energy of ultrasonic waves. Press button “DOWN” (the organe one) to decrease the energy of ultrasonic waves.
3. Press button “ON OFF” button (the red round one) to turn off massager after use.
4.When applying the massager on thicker parts of subcutaneous tissues such as the waist, hips, thighs, select the high ultrasonic waves
5.When applying the Massager on parts like the muscles and where fatty layers appear thinner, select the lower ultrasonic waves.
6.For daily use, 1 times a day, less than 30 minutes once
7.clean your skin before use, we can use it with some gel according to different type of skin.

Frequency of Daily usage
1 The unit can be used at an interval of over 5 hours, up to 2-3 times daily
As an anutomatic setting unit,each application will last for 15 minutes after turning on the power
2 Please note that too long of an emitting time without intervals or frequent emitting will cause muscle fitgue, which is undesirable method and may emphasize tiny wrinkles
3 Ultrasonic will enhance the internal skin to efffectively contract the beauty care lotion of nurition

Cautions and Forbid

1 Before using,firstely clean the part to massaged
2 Apply ultrasonic GEL (or cream) on the parts to be slimmed or contracted or on the part with tiny wrinkles
3 Regardless of whether harder of lighter massage on the skin,the same ultrasonic effect can be achieved(therefor, it is suggested to apply to a light massage parttern)
4 If it don't use,please put power off
5 Please don't use at batheroom or wet place
6 Finish working,use tissue or dry cloth to clean probe
7 The ultrasonic massager has been indicated an operated by clinical experiments and based therapeutic apparatus,according to operating intrsuction for use

In principle, people with the following conditions should be temporarily refrained from the emission of ultrasonic ways;
1 Suffering from body temperature over 38 centigrade
2 Infectious disease patient
3 Acute disease petient
4 Cardiac illnesses patient
5 Patient suffering from extreme hypertension and cerbral infarction
6 People suffering from serious conditions in ultrica,contagious dermatitis,and ectopic dermatitis
7 Those who with angiona,herpes zoster, folliculitis acne,furunculus,carbuncle general lupus eryghematous ,general sclerosis, and addison's diseasae
8 Bleeding illnesses or injuries
9 Women inplanted with intrauterine contraceptive devices
10 Pregnant women
11 Menstrual women, please don't use at abdominal region


1 Frequency:1MHz( million times/second)
2 Each massage works up to 15 minutes and then device is turned off automatically
3 Three level energy outpu( weak, medium and strong)
4 Two output options available:continuous waves and pluse waves)

Package List

1 x main machine (green)
1 x power adapter
1 x User Manual ( English & Chinese language)

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Green Ultrasonic Skin Rejuvenation Body Slimming Ultrasonic 1Mhz Massager Beuaty