Nowadays, non-invasive procedures for fat reduction are becoming increasingly popular among people pursuing beauty. These emerging non-surgical methods enable you to remove excess fat and cellulite, thus achieving body shaping and sculpting. These treatments mainly use extreme temperature, ultrasound, or laser technologies to help you reduce unwanted fat. Let's check what they are.

What are the available ways to lose fat without surgery?

  • Fat-removal with ultrasound

You can use the treatment on the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc. It employs sound waves to generate thermal energy, decreasing fat cells. In other words, you are overweight because many fat cells are inside your body; you lose weight when the cells become less and less.


The procedure uses an ultrasonic conductor to transit collected sound waves to the fat layer, shattering fat cells. Then the cells will be metabolized via the lymphatic system. However, tissue around the fat cells, such as blood vessels and conjunctive tissue, remains intact.


Fat removal with ultrasound is non-invasive and safer. Since it employs high-intensity, focused ultrasound to generate energy to dissolve fat, it requires no operation. Besides, it directly reduces fat, triggering no rebounds. 


The procedure permanently destroys subcutaneous fat, lessens the size of fat, and increases collagen, making the skin firmer. It stimulates collagen regeneration, fills the void of subcutaneous fat, makes treated skin flat, smooth, and elastic while decomposing fat. It has no downtime, making taking the treatment more accessible. 


It's a non-invasive way to dissolve fat, and it asks for no injection or surgery and will not affect regular life and work. You can leave immediately and don't have to wear body-shaping clothes after treatment.

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  • Ultrasonic cavitation

It can massage and do physical therapy. It's mainly used to dredge channels and collaterals, destroy fat cells, promote blood circulation, accelerate toxin dispelling, relieve muscle stress, alleviate pain, and firm skin. 


Place the handpiece on a body part rubbed into gels, and it will transit high-frequency focused ultrasonic energy to the part to destroy fat cells. The energy penetrates the skin's surface but will not harm the skin. And the destroyed fat cells will be removed via metabolism. Moreover, it stimulates collagen and reduces wrinkles all over the body. If you use it on your abdomen, it eliminates stretch marks.


  • RF lipolysis

Most women want to have a sexy figure. However, many women find it hard to realize the dream. That is why RF lipolysis is a good tool to change the situation. 


It tightens your skin, gives you skin rejuvenation, and helps against aging. It's a fast way to improve the appearance and has an evident effect. It uses a changeable electric current to stimulate charged electrons carried by cell molecules continuously, and the process will repeat. It creates impact, spin, and warp, which generates heat energy that can burn and reduce fat and lessen the size of fat.


The combined use of multipolar radiofrequency and a pulsed magnetic field device can relieve the aging and slackness of facial skin, tighten women's skin, and improve skin tone and texture. 


The radiofrequency technique is fully developed and upgraded and proved effective and safe. RF lipolysis is an advanced way to lose weight. The adopted device and method are developed and have a better effect than traditional surgery.


  • Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is the newest means to eliminate fat. It utilizes a special laser of specific energy, which dissolves fat inside the body by illuminating the obese body part for several minutes. It delivers an ideal effect and works well on body parts like a double chin. It's non-invasive and painless since it asks for no operation and leaves no scars. Therefore, it will not affect your appearance. 


As the saying goes, "kill two birds with one stone." A laser can stimulate the regrouping of subcutaneous collagen, which firms skin, restores skin's elasticity after surgery, and makes skin flat, smooth, and clean.


It is particularly suited to reduce excess fat from body parts, such as a double chin, back, arms, abdomen, waist, buttocks, thigh, knee, lower leg, etc.


  • Cryolipolysis

As mentioned above, you can burn fat with high temperatures or blast them. Do you know that it can also be reduced by freezing? This method is called cryolipolysis or fat freezing. 


It translates triglyceride inside fat into a solid state, which is transmitted to a designated part needing fat-dissolving via freezing energy. Cells of a body part, under freezing, will turn from a liquid form to a solid state and die off successively.


Typically, the procedure aims at fat layers under the skin and causes no harm to internal organs or skin. Therefore, it's a safer way to lose weight. Attach a cryolipolysis device to the skin surface (you need to apply an antifreeze membrane to the surface), which triggers fat cells to die off. You can use it on the upper arms, buttocks, abdomen, thighs, etc.


The treatment can deliver an accurate and controlled freezing effect, which cools fat cells under the skin. During a session, fat cells will break down. Other cells will comsume the destroyed fat cells in weeks after a session and kick them out from your body in a natural way. Therefore, they will not be relocated to other body parts. The procedure is popular because it's non-invasive and has a noticeable effect and short recovery and downtime. It's painless, and you don't have to be hospitalized to get healing.



With so many non-surgical methods for fat loss, are you still worried about weight reduction or the risks caused by surgical procedures? You can select among the procedures in light of your physical conditions. As you stick to a treatment plan, you can finally acquire what you have been looking for.


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