We share how to use radio waves on your face

Do you know what radio frequency is?

In fact, RF is widely used in facial care and applies to all types of skin.

If you happen to want to know what rf is. What effect does radio frequency have to facial ministry.Well, you must finish reading this article. I'm going to give you a full overview of rf information. For example, the use and effects of rf and the main issues of use. And finally, I'll bring you the best RF equipment.

What is a radio wave facial care device?

What we call radio waves are actually electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 30 to 300Mhz.

Many beauty salons will often see the existence of electromagnetic wave skin care instruments, because electromagnetic wave beauty instruments are very suitable for skin management. Of course, as technology advances. The electromagnetic wave hairdressing instrument that professional beauty parlour uses now, also have the electromagnetic wave of household protect skin instrument. Domestic electromagnetic wave beauty instrument frequency is relatively low, belongs to the low frequency beauty instrument, which is mainly designed for personal safety. Wireless electromagnetic wave instrument is also known as RF facial equipment. RF facial devices work by producing electromagnetic wave energy that travels through the surface of the skin to the bottom of the skin. Therefore, the skin is heated by electromagnetic waves to protect the skin.


What are the therapeutic effects of radio frequency (RF) facial devices?

Home radiofrequency cosmetology uses heat to condition the skin.

1. Introduce skin nutrients

Radiofrequency heat applied to the skin activates skin cells and tissues, making it easier for nutrients to penetrate into the serum. Therefore, through the heating effect of RF facial equipment, it is easier for the ingredients that cannot be absorbed deeply to spread to the bottom of the skin.


2. Make more collagen

Collagen, the main component that controls skin's elasticity, decreases with age and due to external factors. Causes the skin to lose its original elasticity, all kinds of fine lines will appear.

The wireless electromagnetic wave RF facial device stimulates the skin, activates the cell tissue activity, and restores collagen function. Increases skin elasticity and reduces wrinkles.


3. Improve blood circulation and reduce swelling

Some of us in daily life, some careless habits, it is possible to cause swelling in some parts of the body. Like waking up in the morning and noticing that your face is swollen. This is, RF facial radio frequency devices can reduce swelling areas. By heating skin capillaries, RF equipment can promote blood and fluid circulation, improve body metabolism, and make blood flow more smoothly. Can realize detumescent purpose thereby. It can also be easier for the body to eliminate impurities in the body, to achieve the role of conditioning the body.


How to use RF facial devices?

To use RF facial radio frequency devices, we need to read the instructions first. Then according to the instructions, some matters needing attention need to be understood clearly.

During use, the RF device is pressed against the skin of the face and then moved from the lower jaw to the ear. Pulling back and forth many times. If you want to eliminate wrinkles or wrinkles, you can keep pulling on these areas. Do not use on thin skin areas such as around the eyes. To prevent the skin from overheating and causing damage. We usually apply a gel or serum to our skin before using it.

Since electromagnetic waves are more easily transmitted through liquids, applying some gel or essence on the skin will allow the electromagnetic wave energy of RF RF devices to be transferred to the bottom of the skin. It also makes it easier for the skin to absorb the essence.


How long does facial RF equipment treat?

Radiofrequency facial therapy usually lasts about 10 minutes and can be used two to three times a week. Treatment before sleep is recommended. This will allow the skin to relax and stay informed after treatment. If you don't want to stay up late, you can also use RF beauty instrument to relax the skin.


Notes on RF instrument

Avoid using RF devices for a long time at a time

Do not use if the skin is in a bad condition, such as skin allergies or skin disorders

Do not use after drinking alcohol



We have learned what RF is. RF radio-frequency skin care equipment through electromagnetic waves into the heat of the skin. Stimulate the skin to produce more collagen, and promote the import and absorption of nutrients. Home and beauty salons dedicated RF instruments are the same principle, but not the same frequency. The power is different. If you want to learn more about home and professional RF beauty instruments. You can learn more about RF Radio Freuency Face Skin Care here.