About lipo laser

Lipo laser, also known as laser lipolysis, is a cosmetic treatment that can help reduce fat and shape the body. It helps the person treated to remove excess fat and cellulite without damaging tissues such as skin, nerves or blood vessels. Lipo laser lipolysis is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses an infrared laser to dissolve excess fat cells under the body's skin, causing them to shrink, resulting in weight loss.

Working principle

Lipo Laser uses the latest innovation in non-invasive laser lipolysis. During Lipo Laser, the laser energy safely and painlessly penetrates the skin layers to target and destroy specific fat cell deposits. The LED laser body contouring treatment uses 635nm-650nm nano LED laser pads. The LED laser emits low energy laser energy that heats the fat cells in the targeted treatment area and breaks down these fat cells converting them into fatty acids. These fatty acids are then transported throughout the body via the lymphatic system to provide energy to the body.

The laser heat then causes collagen fibers in the deep dermis to contract, resulting in tissue coagulation and skin tightening. In the days following the treatment, the skin in the treated area slowly becomes tighter as the collagen remodels.

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Where does the fat go?

Fat is absorbed and broken down by the lymphatic system, then processed by the liver and converted into a source of energy for the body. This process allows fat to be excreted naturally from the body as waste.

Benefits of lipo laser

  • Reduction of excess fat - Laser liposuction effectively dissolves excess fatty tissue deposits and removes them. The treated person can see results immediately and the longer the treatment takes, the more visible the results will become.
  • Less discomfort - Lipo Laser produces much less discomfort than traditional liposuction procedures.
  • Faster recovery time - While the Lipo Laser machine uses a laser probe to cleanly remove fatty tissue, the laser also helps to tighten the skin, contributing to a faster recovery after treatment.
  • Greater safety - Laser liposuction greatly improves the safety of the treatment, reducing the risk of infection while effectively removing fat. That's the most important reason why most people choose laser liposuction!

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Does lipo laser permanently remove fat?

Lipo Laser is even more effective than traditional weight loss methods. Traditional weight loss methods are always untargeted, laser treatment can target specific areas and it can treat body part you want to improve to achieve the curves you want.

Lipolysis may change the appearance of your body, but diet and exercise will determine if your results are permanent. If you do see visible results from your lipolysis, they should be permanent — provided you don't gain any weight. conversely, if you do gain weight, the results from lipolysis will likely disappear.

Is Lipo laser safe?

Yes, because the Lipo laser treatment is completely non-invasive, the person being treated feels almost nothing. The Lipo laser's low intensity laser technology is currently being studied and applied to many biomedical programs. It is approved by the FDA for the treatment of pain and inflammation and can be used for weight loss under professional medical supervision.

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Treatment cycle

In general, one treatment per treatment area is likely to achieve the desired results. However, after 6 months, if you are not satisfied with the results, you can repeat the treatment.

The longevity of the treatment results depends on each individual's lifestyle after treatment, including eating habits and exercise habits. The treatment only destroys and removes the fat deposits in the treated area, and to maintain long-lasting results, a healthy diet and exercise program is needed to ensure that no new fat deposits are made.

We recommend 4-8 treatments, with a minimum of 2-3 treatments per week for best results. Maintenance treatment can be done monthly after all treatments are completed or improved depending on the needs of the person being treated.

Treatment results of lipo laser

The results are visible almost immediately after the lipo laser treatment. The treated person should notice some changes in their figure after the swelling subsides. However, it may take several months for substantial changes to be manifested. Most treated individuals will lose about 25 pounds or so after treatment, but results vary from person to person. Most treated individuals are more satisfied with the results of lipo laser than with other methods of fat reduction.

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Risks and side effects of lipo laser treatment

Since no surgery is required, lipo laser treatment is virtually risk-free and has no side effects. After each laser treatment, the skin in the treated area may appear red and swollen, which disappears quickly. Sometimes, tiny spots may appear a few days after the end of the treatment, which is normal and not a cause for too much concern.

About the different types of lipo laser

  • According to wavelength classification can be divided into:

635~650nm, 830nm, 980nm, etc.

  • Classification by power can be divided into:

5mw, 10mw, 30mw, 100mw, 130mw, 160mw diode lasers.

The light of 5mw diode lipo laser is much weaker, and it is better to choose the one that helps to keep the treatment result. If you use a 5mw diode lipo laser machine, it will take a long time to see the results. If you want to achieve slimming faster, I recommend that you choose a diode lipo laser machine with a power higher than 100mw.

Treatment Areas

Lipo laser targets areas of the body that may have stubborn fat, such as:







The side effects of lipo laser are minimal, so there is no need to worry about causing damage to the surrounding tissues.

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How much does lipo laser cost?

The cost of treatment depends on the size of the area you want to treat. Typically, a typical 8 treatment session can easily cost $1,000 or more.

You can also spend about $300-$600 for a home use lipo laser machine so that you can use the machine over and over again. However, daily use is not recommended and requires consultation with a professional.

Precautions regarding laser liposuction

  • The use of lipo laser instruments is prohibited in areas where there are wounds on the skin;
  • Pregnant women should not operate and use the instruments;
  • The use of metal objects during the treatment is prohibited;
  • Prohibited for those who are allergic to light;
  • Lipo laser should not be performed during the female physiological period;
  • The use of instrumental physiotherapy is prohibited for patients with congenital heart disease;
  • No hormonal drugs should be taken at the same time during lipo laser treatment;
  • During the treatment period, the diet should be light;
  • Do not undergo lipo laser on an empty stomach.