Butt Lifting Lymph Detox Vacuum Cupping Breast Enhancement Machine 150ML

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-We offer 12 months warranty time for the main machine, 3 months warranty for the handle and screen.Click to view details.

Model: MS-2174


New breast enhancement equipment with vacuum cupping therapy can quickly improve shape and size of breast. It is healthy, because it doesn't use any injection like silicon injection or filling silicon bra. It can make your breast like more natural and more beautiful.
Use Moisturizing Cream before the treatment.


The vacuum pressure inside the cup of this vacuum breast enhancement equipment can stimulate collagens, cells around breast to regenerate, promote collagens and cells activities, and make your body more healthy.
Using Vacuum Cupping Therapy like suck and release to open & close pores in order to increase oxygen level breathed by skin. Meanwhile, vacuum cupping therapy can use to lymph drainage, the waste will be eliminated via lymph.
It has the functions of warm ventilation, promoting blood circulation, dispersing & dispelling phlegm, relieving phlegm and tendons.


  • Lymphatic Drainage, it can dispel the toxins and waste in order to clean pores, improve skin condition, microcirculation and regenerate collagen activity
  • Stimulate and improve muscles and fibers, it improve the elasticity of muscles. Improve breast & nipple's shape, and lift the buttocks.
  • It can use to remove wrinkles, eye bags, double chin and improve skin health.
  • Remove unwanted fat, it used vacuum to reduce fat, slim body and improve the shape of body line.

Parts :

  • (I) Apply the moist cream before the treatment can enlarge the treatment effects.


  • (II) Breast Enlargement

1. Choose the breast cup based on you needs, connect the cups to machine.
2. Lay down, take off the clothes and expose breast and use plastic cloth to cover breast. Please aware that don’t apply on people with the sunken breast!!
3. Turn the air pressure switch to the highest level first and turn down the strength switch to the lowest level. Then choose and turn on the rhythm knob to breast lifting (or press body rhythm 1, body rhythm 2 and breast enhancer alternately).
4. Put the cup on the breast, leave cup on the breast and make sure the cup is closely touch with breast. For different breast sizes, we highly suggest you apply each cup on a smaller side first for 5 times to test before applying on two sides together.
5. Turn up the strength level from weak to strong gradually, and then increase air pressure gradually until you feel comfortable.
6. After 20 minutes, turn up the air pressure switch to the highest level and turn down the strength switch to the lowest in order to take down the cup. Then apply the breast lifting cream on the breast.

  • (III) Butt Lifting

1. Choose suitable type of cups, connected the cup and machine by a suitable tube.
2. Turn on and up the air pressure switch to the highest energy level in the cup and turn the strength switch to the lowest energy level. Then press power on, choose inspiration and turn on the rhythm switch to start the treatment.
3. Turn up strength switch from weak to strong, and then turn down air pressure switch gradually until you feel comfortable.

  • (IV) Rhythm Massage Treatment (Metal Fingertip Moving)

1. Choose suitable types of fingertip, connect the cup and inspiration switch with a flexible & suitable tube to machine.
2. Turn on the air pressure switch to the highest level, turn down the strength switch to the lowest level, then press power on and inspiration. After that, turn on the rhythm switch to choose face rhythm or body rhythm (or press body rhythm 1, body rhythm 2 alternately, face rhythm I and 2 alternately).
3. Adjust strength switch from weak to strong, and then adjust air pressure level until you feel comfortable.
4. Turn on the air pressure switch to the highest level, and turn down the strength switch to the lowest level to take off the moving finger after 20 minutes.

FAQs of Vacuum Cupping Therapy:

  • 1.What is vacuum therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive massaging technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups.
Vacuum therapy is also known as vacuotherapy and depressomassage. Aside from purportedly offering similar effects to those of a surgical butt lift, the procedure is also sometimes used to mimic a traditional breast lift.Certain forms of vacuum therapy are also used for the treatment of cellulite.

  • 2.How effective is vacuum therapy?

This therapy is painless, safe and highly effective. Vacuum-therapy stimulates the blood and improves lymphatic drainage, stimulates the fibroblasts, and increases collagen elastin, therefore improving the texture and tone of the treated zone.

  • 3.What is the differnece between Brazilian butt lift and vacuum therapy butt lifting?

Unlike Brazilian hip lift, the vacuum equipment (and also the vacuotherapy) is noninvasive to shape your buttock. Similar to a lymphatic drainage massage, vacuum butt lift vacuum therapy is that helps lift and contour the buttocks via a suction machine equipped with glass or plastic cups. Two suction cups are moved over the thigh and buttocks area after a mini massage, manipulating the tissue, then two larger suction cups are sealed over each side of the butt for about 30 minutes.

  • 4.About the use of breast enhancement cup:

1).For people with different breast sizes, it is recommended to use the instrument on the smaller side 5 times, and then use it on both sides.
2). Turn the intensity knob from weak to strong, and then adjust the air pressure until the customer feels comfortable.
3). After 20 minutes, turn the air pressure knob to the highest point and the intensity knob to the lowest point to remove the cup.

  • 5.Does the vacuum therapy for butt lift work?

The results are unequivocal, the vacuum therapy for buttocks procedure works.Of course, as with any technique for improving the appearance of the body, to maintain our results we must ensure a healthy lifestyle by eating properly and exercising regularly. But with the support of a good professional and proper guidance it will be possible for you to greatly enjoy the benefits of the lifting.



Power: 12W
Vacuum: <-80kPa
G.W.: 5 KG
Package Size: 38x32x20cm

packing list:

1 x main machine
1 x moisturizing cream for massage
3 pairs of 150ml cups for breast and buttock
3 pairs of cups for cupping
6 Pairs gas cup for scrub
3* Fingertip cups for rhythm massage
2 x shot connecting tubes
1 x long connecting tubes
1 x power line

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Butt Lifting Lymph Detox Vacuum Cupping Breast Enhancement Machine 150ML

$299.00 $265.00