5 Best Cavitation Machines: Fat Burning And Body Sculpting

Hello everyone, I have been engaged in the beauty industry for many years. Based on my many years of experience in the beauty industry, I will share with you some of my personal opinions today. Some time ago, many of my friends in this industry asked me if there is a good recommendation for beauty equipment. Of course, my friends were also my customers before, but we have a very good cooperative relationship. They also trust me very much. My friends come from all over the world.

They will all like all kinds of new products in China very much. As long as there are new products on the market, I will recommend them to them. This also allows them to get the most cutting-edge business opportunities in the market. Therefore, our cooperation is getting better and better. Of course, the new products I recommend to them, and my friends help me to promote it is equivalent to helping me verify the market's response to the new products, demand and whether they are liked by the market. Because a product is good or not, it is not the manufacturer who has the final say, but the feedback of the user's use effect. These are the most convincing and the best way to test products.
Now the number of people who need weight loss treatment is very large. And it is increasing every year. That's also because the quality of human life has improved, and life has become very convenient. Many people lack exercise. But the food you eat is very high in calories. Moreover, the current office workers lack exercise, so the obese population is getting bigger and bigger. However, obesity is a major factor affecting physical health.

5 Best Cavitation Machines

So, today I will share with you 5 best cavitation machines. Because the demand for weight loss machines is very large.
First of all I recommend the first cavitation machine is 9 in1 lipo laser pad vacuum RF 40K Cavitation slimming machine.

Let take a look this picture as below:

9 in1 cavitation machine

Why is it called 9in1 cavitation machine?

Because this instrument has 9 functions. This instrument is currently the best feedback instrument on the market. In addition to the many functions it has, the use of the instrument is also good. A machine with 9 functions, this 40K cavitation machine is very popular in beauty salons. Because the functions of this instrument are often used in beauty salons. Moreover, this instrument has a very good feature, why is it very suitable for beauty salons. Because all the functions of this 40K cavitation weight loss radio frequency slimming machine happen to be a beauty package. It can be used not only for weight loss treatment, but also for facial care.

How does the 9IN1 Cavitation Machine work?

40K cavitation handle: This handle is used to remove body fat. Its working principle is to burst body fat through high-frequency vibration ultrasonic energy. Under the high-energy vibration of the fat cells, the fat cell walls rupture and flow out fatty acids, and finally the fat cells die and are decomposed and eliminated from the body by the body's metabolic mechanism, ultimately achieving the goal of weight loss. Note that the ultrasonic handle cannot be used for back treatment. Because ultrasound affects the spine.
Vacuum RF handle: This handle is also used for body weight loss. In addition, this handle has another function, which is body scraping massage. The negative pressure function has a great effect on body massage.
Secondary RF handle: used for face thinning and RF (radio frequency) skin tightening wrinkle remove. Through the energy penetrating power of Radio frequency, it conducts energy like muscle tissue cells. Let cells heat up, stimulate collagen regeneration, and achieve the effect of firming, lifting and shrinking pores. Let your skin rejuvenation and remove wrinkle.
Four-level RF handle: This handle has the same function as the second-level handle, except that this handle has 4 RF contact points, which can remove fat on the handle, thigh or calf and other small parts. At the same time, it has the effect of firming the skin.
Six-pole RF handle: This handle is mainly used for the treatment of relatively large areas such as the abdomen, waist or back.
Hot and cold Hammer: Used to lift the skin, tighten the skin, and remove wrinkles.
LED Photon BIO Microcurrent handle: The main function of this handle is for facial care. LED photon can treat many skin problems, such as sterilization and disinfection, relaxing the skin, shrinking pores, removing wrinkles, removing acne, etc.
Red: The 650nm red light is for wakening and activating the skin
Blue: The 462nm blue light is for calming and diminishing inflammation.
Green: The 527nm green light is for comforting the skin.
Purple: The 600nm purple light is for toxin elimination.
Orange: The 610nm light is for Balancing and recomposing.
Turquoise: The 470nm turquoise light is for relaxation.
Yellow: The 590nm yellow light is for tightening and oxygen supply
The last handle is the Lipo laser handle: its function is also to remove fat and achieve the purpose of weight loss.
Here we first introduce the role of each function, and then the instrument I will share with you is roughly matched with these technologies.

What is aristorm cavitation 2.5?

Next, let's take a look at the second radio frequency vacuum rf treatment 9 in1 ultrasound cavitation machine.

Cavitation 2.5 machine

This instrument was liked by many buyers as soon as it went on the market. The biggest difference between it and the first 9 in1 ultrasound cavitation machine is that this instrument is equipped with a touch screen, which allows you to add customer logos and provide customized services. Why is it called Cavitation 2.5? That is because this radio frequency cavitation machine has upgraded the energy of 40K cavitation handle. And the design of the handle has also been changed.

40khz ultrasonic cavitation

Through this photo, you can see that 40K cavitation handle, six-polar RF handle and vacuum rf handle are different with the old model 9in1 ultrasound cavitation therapy machine. The handle of this instrument has a better grip and is more convenient to operate. This is the biggest feature of this instrument. And the price is not much different from the old version of the 9 in1 ultrasound cavitation body slimming machine. So the cost performance of this instrument is still very good.

S Shape Cavitation 30khz

The third cavitation weight loss instrument that everyone likes:

30k cavitation machine

This is a 30K cavitation machine, which has been loved by many people since it was launched on the market. Because the design of this instrument is very beautiful, and the function of the handle has been greatly upgraded. In addition, ultrasound uses 30Khz ultrasound cavitation. It is very suitable for deep fat weight loss.
Let's look at the following picture;

S shape machine

Through this picture we can know the function of each handle, and the biggest highlight is that each handle has two functions. The two functions on each handle can work simultaneously or independently. This design is great. Because the same treatment items are done on the same function equipment. In the same time, this instrument can perform two treatments at the same time. In other words, this instrument is doing the same treatment plan, which can save general time. This not only saves the time spent on treatment for the customer. It also saves time and cost for the beauty salon. Therefore, this instrument is very suitable for beauty salons. That's why this instrument is so popular. In addition, this instrument is also equipped with a touch screen, which makes the operation more convenient, and it can also be customized for customers, adding the customer's logo on the screen.

Cavstorm cavitation 3.0 weight loss machine:

40K cavitation 3.0

This instrument is a newly upgraded cavitation machine. It has an exclusive name called cavstorm cavitation 3.0 machine. It is equipped with cavistorm vacuum cavitation handle; cavistorm vacuum RF handle; and LED photon microccurent handle. This instrument has a large The characteristic is Radio frequency handle and cavitation handle that all with a vacuum cup. One advantage of this design is that when doing weight loss treatment, the vacuum cup can suck up the fat tissue and then lose weight locally. In this way, energy can be applied to fat cells well. Cavistorm cavitation 3.0. The energy of the cavitation handle has been upgraded. Makes the energy of ultrasound cavitation stronger. This will improve the efficiency of weight loss.
In addition, the hollow cup of the two handles can be removed, if you just want to use cavitation or radio frequency function alone. Moreover, the vacuum cups with these two handles can also be used for body massage.

S Shape Cavitation 30KHz Vacuum Cup Therapy Machine

s shape 30k cavitation machine

This instrument adds a Vacuum cup breast enhancement function to the S shape 30k cavitation machine. Therefore, this instrument is not only a 30K cavitation fat reduce and lipo laser weight loss machine, RF facial skin care machine, it also is a breast enhancement machine. Such a multifunctional instrument can save a lot of money for many beauty salons. Large cost to purchase multiple instruments separately.
The above 5 instruments are the most popular instruments that have been tested by the market. If you know more details about these beauty instruments.
I hope this blog post will bring answers to fans who want to learn about these instruments. Especially friends who want to buy these instruments can choose the instrument that suits them according to their actual situation.