IPL Laser Hair Remove

Anyone who has read my last blog should know that I have shared with you what 808 laser hair removal technology is. However, many fans who have read my blog have asked a question. They said that there are many kinds of hair removal devices on the market, some of them are IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair remove machine; there are also E-light hair remove Machine; some people also see that it is the hair remove machine that is the freezing point laser hair removal technology.

Indeed, there are many types of hair removal devices on the market now, when I did not understand the difference between these hair removal techniques. In fact, I am also very confused. These hair removal techniques are called laser hair removal. Well, as a manufacturer of hair removal equipment, they all say that they are the best hair removal equipment. No matter which hair removal device the buyer asks, for those who don't understand these technical differences, they may say that this is the best hair removal device. This technique is very effective for hair removal. This makes it impossible for many buyers to tell which laser hair remove is the best.

What types of IPL laser hair removal ?

With these questions, I will distinguish these instruments for you today. I believe that after reading this blog, you will gain a lot.

First of all, I can tell you with certainty that optical hair removal instruments are currently only divided into two categories, namely, intense pulsed light hair removal instruments, which are often referred to as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair remove machines on the market, and intense pulsed light hair removal instruments. It is called a day lighting hair removal device. In addition, there are many types of IPL laser hair removal devices on the market. They are:

  1. PTF: Photo Therapy Flash (Photo Therapy Flash), which is a technological upgrade based on IPL technology, with higher energy output, and some improvements to make each irradiation more effective. Belongs to medical grade equipment. Therefore, this level of hair removal equipment is very expensive.
  2. OPT: Optimal Pulsed Technology (Optimal Pulsed Technology), which is basically the same as IPL technology. The word "optimal" is just an advertisement created by the manufacturer. This technique uses an astigmatic pulse for hair removal. It has multiple filters, so this technique is mostly used for skin rejuvenation. His principle is to use short-wavelength strong light to kill Propionibacterium in acne, and use red light, combined with infrared light to reduce fat activity, eliminate pigmentation, stimulate collagen regeneration, and achieve a good treatment of acne. Effect. This technology can treat these skin problems, and their corresponding wave ends are: acne: 430nm light wave end; wrinkle removal: 450nm light wave band; skin rejuvenation: 560nm light wave band; red blood streak removal: 590nm light wave band; hair removal: 640nm Light band. The filter used in this instrument is highly selective, so it is very used in some beauty salons. It can be used not only as a hair removal device, but also as a skin care device.
  3. SHR: Super Hair Removal (super hair removal technology), which is IPL or laser. This technique is also called freezing point hair removal. Freezing point hair removal is a selective photo thermal action principle. The freezing point hair removal device generates high heat at the hair follicle, thereby destroying the structure of the hair follicle and achieving the purpose of hair removal. The Freezing Point Painless Hair Removal Apparatus has a contact cooling head, which prevents the heat from damaging the skin and at the same time allows the heat to diffuse from the epidermis. Under these conditions, the skin does not have much heat, so no pain will be felt. The biggest feature of freezing point hair removal equipment is to achieve painless hair removal. This is the biggest difference from other hair removal devices.
  4. E-light: IPL + Radio Frequency Technologies (Radio Frequency Technologies), E light hair machine adds Radio Frequency on the basis of IPL, which can theoretically improve the hair removal effect. The wave end of this kind of light selection is 610nm pulsed light for hair removal, which can achieve selective positioning. The effect is skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, red blood removal, and stimulation of collagen regeneration. Therefore, E-light hair remove machine also can use for skin care.

The above technologies are selected by the filter with multiple wavelengths. Therefore, different wavelengths of light will be emitted. Generally, the popular bands are 640-900nm, 640-1200nm. The difference between them is not great. Because it is not a fixed wavelength, the energy of a light-emitting process is gradually reduced during the treatment with an IPL hair removal device, while laser hair removal has a fixed wavelength, so the energy of a light-emitting process remains the same. This is The biggest difference between these two technologies.

How does Laser hair remove machine work?

As we mentioned above, the wavelength of laser hair removal equipment is fixed, so the ability remains unchanged during use. Therefore, the effect of laser hair removal is better and fast. Let me give you examples of several common laser hair removal techniques on the market;

  1. Diode laser hair remove machine (diode laser hair remove machine), the general wavelength is 808nm or 810nm.

    I have explained this technique in another blog post, and I will explain it in detail here. If you want to know more about this technology, you can click here to enter (808nm hair remove machine).

  1. The alexandrite laser, also called Alexandrite Laser, has a wavelength of 755nm, which is actually the alexandrite used in the filter. Because the raw materials are very expensive, the market price of this instrument is also relatively expensive.
  2. Long pulse laser, with a wavelength of 1064nm. Many manufacturers prefer long pulse lasers because they are very popular in the market. The most important point is that this wavelength of hair removal equipment is very suitable for users with dark skin. This light wave band hair removal device will have a better effect on black skin than other wave bands.

How laser hair removal works?

In fact, whether it is strong pulsed light or laser, the effect is very optimistic for Asians. Can achieve long-lasting hair removal. In terms of cost performance, I personally recommend strong pulse hair removal, because the hair removal effect of the strong pulse light hair removal device is the same as that of laser hair removal. However, the hair removal speed of laser hair removal equipment is much faster than that of strong pulsed light hair removal equipment. Due to the energy attenuation during the use of strong pulsed light, it usually takes more than 3 treatments to achieve permanent hair removal. It is usually done once a month. However, the energy stability of laser hair removal, so the hair removal effect is obvious. You don't need to do multiple hair removal, you can achieve permanent hair removal.

Their working principles are similar, they all act on the melanin in the hair follicle through light wave conduction energy, destroying the melanin, decomposing it, and finally being excreted from the body. Due to the damage of the hair follicles, the hair will not regenerate, and the effect of permanent hair removal will be achieved.

What items need to notice after laser hair remove?

Finally, let's talk about how to protect after the treatment, otherwise it will be dark.

  1. Do not drink irritating beverages (such as tea, coffee)
  2. Don't eat heavy flavors (chili, vinegar, soy sauce), try to be light
  3. Be careful not to expose to the sun or use cosmetics. You can use some repairing liquid appropriately.
  4. Drink plenty of water after the treatment, because the skin will become very dry.

Everyone is welcome to leave a message and share. Leave the questions you want to know, or your thoughts below, and we will discuss them together. When there is a problem, we will explain more and let more people understand the hair removal equipment, which will also help more people. So, everyone is welcome to leave a message. Thank you everyone, I will share so much in this article today.