808NM diode laser hair removal

Hi everyone and thank you all for taking the time to read my blog post. As always, I will share with you many hot issues that fans want to know about. Many friends around me, especially female friends. Of course, there are also my customers who ask me a lot of questions about laser hair removal.

What effect can laser hair removal have on the body?

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Many people now pay more and more attention to their appearance, especially female friends. In summer, you need to wear a bikini. In order to show their perfect figure, some hairs on the body will be removed. Especially underarm hair. If a female friend has armpit hair, it will make herself feel embarrassed, and it will also affect her appearance, because wearing a bikini in summer to show her figure is actually a confident display. It is also respect for others. Perhaps this is a bit extreme. Of course, in addition to armpit hair, many female friends are more concerned about leg hair. Many male friends also choose to take off their legs. Especially the very thick leg hair. In addition, I also have some male friends who would ask me if I use laser hair removal to perform laser hair removal on breast hair together. Will it be harmful to the body, and can facial hair be removed by laser hair removal equipment?

For these problems, friends who don't know much about laser hair removal. These issues are very important to understand. This is where most people have questions.

Next, I will share with you some knowledge points about organ hair removal.

Will the use of laser hair removal equipment to remove breast hair hurt the body?

808nm laser hair removal

The answer is that it will not harm the body, not even the skin. Because my friend thinks that laser equipment is difficult to have very strong energy, and worry that the laser will burn the skin. Here I will share with you a laser hair removal technology, which is the 808nm laser hair removal device. The 808NM laser instrument is a diode laser instrument. Why does this laser technology cause no harm to the body when it removes hair? You can take a look at this instrument, it is the 808nm laser hair removal instrument.

Working principle of 808nm laser hair removal.

808nm diode laser hair removal

First, let's take a look at his principle, the 808nm diode laser hair removal device, which is called freezing point hair removal. This instrument uses a laser with a wavelength of 808NM, and conducts energy through the laser wavelength through the principle of photo thermodynamics. With all the advantages and characteristics of 808nm diode laser, the laser technology is creatively upgraded, improved and integrated. While improving the efficiency of laser hair removal, the laser energy output is more uniform. At the same time, the rapid cooling technology of natural sapphire filter is adopted to further improve the cooling comfort and greatly reduce the failure rate of laser instruments. Due to the innovation of refrigeration technology, the cost of this instrument has become more expensive than ordinary hair removal instruments. Because of the use of refrigeration technology, the energy of the laser will not burn the skin. This is why I said that laser hair removal will not cause harm to our body.

This instrument has many functions. It can remove hairs of different colors and thicknesses. The epidermis can be cooled to 0~5 degrees to achieve painless hair removal. And it can perform whole body hair removal. Most importantly, this instrument is also suitable for people of different skin tones.

The second question is whether facial hair can be depilated with a depilatory device?

Obviously it is possible. The 808NM instrument I just introduced can act on the whole body. This instrument is only equipped with a filter, only the 808NM filter. But it can affect the whole body. Therefore, this instrument has an advantage in that it has less consumables, but it has very powerful functions. It can be used for hair removal of painless colors, different skin tones, and different positions of hair.

The next question may also be the most important question.

How to use 808nm diode laser Hair Removal machine for Permanent Hair removal treatment?

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Ttreatment plan:

The hair of one part needs to be laser depilated more than 3 times, and it can be used once a month, that is, if you need to achieve permanent hair removal, you need a 3-month treatment cycle. A single treatment for 10 minutes on the face, 15 minutes on the arms and 20 minutes on the legs.

The setting of these times is designed according to the heat tolerance of the skin. Of course, if it is for white hair, it will have a reflective effect. Therefore, for white hair, it may be necessary to perform hair removal more than 3 times to completely remove the hair.

The other is the treatment steps,

Large parts (representing larger parts, such as arms, thighs, calves, chest, back, etc.)

   Because the probe is close to the skin in large parts, you can use the sliding technique (that is, the method of holding down the button and then dragging the light). It is recommended that the probe should not be held down for 5 seconds, and the probe will be loosened after sliding a line about it.

  Small parts (representing small areas where the probe does not fit tightly, such as hairline, sublime, lips, beard, bikini, fingers, joints, etc.)

Because the probe may not be easy to stick to the small part, the single gun stamping method is used, (that is, after the button emits a light, release the button, and then stick to 1/2 of the previous light emitting position to operate a light, like a stamp Same, there are sequential operations).

Are there any side effects of 808NM laser hair removal?

808nm diode laser hair removal

We mentioned earlier that the 808nm diode laser hair removal device is painless and does not hurt the skin. However, these short-term phenomena will appear after the treatment, that is, when the treatment is performed again, the hair follicles protrude and the skin appears red. These are conditioned reflexes after the skin is heated again. It will disappear soon. When you see hair curling, it is the best condition for hair removal.

What should I pay attention to after hair removal?

After we finish hair removal, we can't touch the water within 24 hours. Because the skin pores are all opened at this time. In addition, they cannot be exposed to the sun, drink alcohol or eat spicy food.

Who are not allowed to perform hair removal?

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  1. First of all, patients with skin diseases, such as leukoplakia, or skin allergies, cannot receive hair removal.
  2. Pregnant women during pregnancy cannot do laser hair removal.
  3. Laser hair removal cannot be done after drinking alcohol.
  4. If you have a cold and fever, friends who are sick cannot do laser hair removal.
  5. Suffer from hepatitis, syphilis, skin infection;
  6. Blood diseases and coagulation mechanism disorders;
  7. Those who take vasodilator drugs and anti-arthralgia drugs before surgery.

If you want to do laser hair removal, you can consult a professional beautician first, or check the matters needing attention by yourself. After understanding clearly, do treatment to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Because in addition to this professional hair removal device, there are also some household hand-held hair removal devices on the market. Indifferently, the power of these instruments will be relatively low. But before use, follow the instructions in the manual for correct use. Home hair removal equipment is still a favorite for most female friends. Because the home hair removal device is easy to operate. However, some friends have asked me if I have any hair removal equipment for private parts. Of course there is, but it is still necessary to find a professional beautician to perform hair removal on private parts of the human body. Because this article mainly shares 808nm hair removal equipment.

Today I will share it with you. If you have more questions about the 808NM diode hair removal device, or questions about other hair removal devices, you are welcome to leave me a comment.