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  • Fat dissolving with laser
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  • Who can take fat removal with laser treatments?
  • Areasonable understanding of fat removal with laser techniques


Everyone wants to look beautiful, and we are eager to own good figures and charming body curves. However, the reality is cruel. Many people have deep-seated fat. If you tried to reduce fat by keeping on a diet and exercising but made no progress, you could try something different: fat removal with laser techniques.


Those treatments work by utilizing controlled laser energy to decompose subcutaneous fat. A laser of a particular wavelength penetrates the skin and breaks up fat tissue, so that fat cells are dissolved. Then the cells are removed through metabolism. As such, excess fat can be eliminated little by litter.


Nowadays, lots of cosmetic procedures use laser technologies to remove excess fat from the body. Some of them are invasive and surgical, while others are not. In this article, I will share some common laser techniques for fat reduction.


Fat dissolving with laser

The procedure is an alternative to traditional fat-sucking. It uses laser energy to liquefy fat in a targeted area during an invasive operation. Then a tube is used to remove the destroyed fat. The treatment usually takes 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Since it is invasive, it comes with some side effects. For example, a treated part may experience bruises and pressing pain. On rare occasions, scar, infection, or irritation may also occur.


You may ask, "is it effective?" As usual, you can see the change immediately because the fat is eliminated when swelling disappear. In addition, your skin may turn tightened and lifted with the treatment. For some people, the advantage makes the procedure more attractive than traditional liposuction, which can remove fat but cannot firm your skin.


Low-intensity laser treatment

The treatment targets and liquefies the content of fat cells. Even though the fat cells still exist, their contents are emptied and removed from the body. It can treat the abdomen, buttocks, thigh, arms, breasts, back, etc. The optimum effect can be obtained if you take the 40-minute-long session six times in two weeks. The method has an advantage: it brings comfort to you during a session. In a word, low-intensity laser treatment is cold laser therapy. But it is neither as freezing as cryolipolysis nor makes you feel hot.


Again, what are its risks? Frankly, it's one of the safest laser methods for fat removal. Its side effects are rare to see. Most people can go back to regular activities right away after treatment. To optimize the outcome, you are advised to drink more water, avoid consuming caffeine and alcohol, and exercise daily. It can accelerate fat removal. That is why you can witness the effect within two weeks after a session.


Its results may vary due to different physical conditions. But undoubtedly, you can see an apparent reduction in your waist, buttocks, and thigh after taking the treatment.


Fat removal with pyrolysis

Fat removal with pyrolysis is also called ultrasonic therapy. It utilizes heat to destroy fat cells. The laser aims at fat cells and warms them to a temperature where their structure can be destroyed. It adopts a cooling mechanism to ensure the skin is not harmed during the process.


It can entirely remove fat cells. Usually, the effect will show in six weeks after treatment, and the best outcome can be noticed in about 12 weeks. The fat cells will die off within three months after a session. Then your body will get rid of these dead fat cells.


Although you may feel warm during the treatment, it's regarded as painless. You may experience slight side effects like soreness and bruises after treatment. The operating time is short. Moreover, it will not require much effort and time tending it afterward. Usually, the outcome is permanent as long as you keep a proper weight.


The treatment works well in removing fat from the abdomen, flank, back, thigh, and chin.


Who can take fat removal with laser treatments?

Removing fat with a laser is entirely painless. But when the fat content enters your blood, you may feel dizzy and tired. You should drink more water to discharge toxins and fat from your body. Not all people can take this treatment. The best person for the treatment is those who can't remove the deep-seated fat from the body while regularly going on diets and exercising. Those with overmuch fat can also take the treatment. But the effect it presents may not be evident due to the overmuch fat.


A reasonable understanding of fat removal with laser techniques

We should understand that removing fat with a laser is not a fantastic treatment. Do not expect the big belly would disappear instantly after the treatment. It's a long process and can't replace a healthy diet and exercise. But only the combination of the three can achieve a long-lasting effect. A faster and more apparent impact can be attained by integrating various treatments. For example, we can unite liposuction and fat removal with a laser to reduce the size of a particular area by several inches and then undergo fat reduction using a laser.