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  • Howdoes fat freezing work?
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  • What should be considered during and after a fat-freezing session?
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Excess fat may negatively affect a person's appearance and athletic ability. As is known to all, fat accumulates on various body parts, such as the thigh, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms, etc. Redundant adipose tissue may cause fat cells to form an unsightly look. It's also related to some health risks. Therefore, we need to control them or remove them from the body. Speaking of the procedures, we have to talk about fat freezing, or cryolipolysis, a non-surgical method for fat removal.


How does fat freezing work?

It has something to do with one of the features of fat cells: they are susceptible to low temperature. There are various cells inside subcutaneous tissue: fat cells, vascular cells, nerve cells, melanocytes, fibrocytes, etc. Under a specific low temperature, the fat cells lose their vitality while the surrounding cell tissue is unaffected. Cryolipolysis adopts the same principle. Fat cells will dissolve, die off, and be discharged under treatment. When cells are eliminated, the body becomes slim accordingly. Whichever part you have the treatment, whichever part gets slim. That is how it works.


The frozen fat cells will slowly be eliminated from the body within 2 to 4 months. So slimming is a gradual process. Like liposuction, once the number of fat cells decreases, the weight will not rebound as long as you do not eat or drink too much.


What are the advantages of a fat-freezing machine?

It is a non-invasive fat removal method. The vacuum fat freezing machine is the most popular instrument to reduce fat and slim the body. It can effectively replace slimming programs in a beauty salon, operate easily, conveniently, and swiftly, and fix obesity problems for people pursuing beauty. Additionally, the equipment works safely and effectively and requires no injection, medication, or surgery. It's used externally throughout, with no side effects and an immediate impact. It targets and removes fat cells from particular body parts to decrease fat thickness to make the body contour clearer.


Who can take a fat-freezing treatment?

The following people can use a cryolipolysis machine to slim the body:

  • Those who are very fat and want to sculpt local body parts;
  • Those who are bothered by flabs on the waist, abdomen, or the back of the back.
  • With local obesity after child delivery.
  • With middle-aged obesity (beer belly, excess subcutaneous fat)


What should be considered during and after a fat-freezing session?

  • For equipment with two handpieces, the two handpieces can work simultaneously. Or you can use one handpiece and turn off the other one.
  • After an operation, your skin may experience slight injury, frostbite, or pigmentation.
  • You cannot use it if you have one of the following: liver problem, Raynaud's disease, severe cold urticaria, cryoglobulinemia, cryofibrinogenemia, severe burn, severe diabetes, the elderly, children, body is frail, or extreme resistance to freezing.
  • An increased weight may adversely affect the effectiveness of treatment. You should keep a healthy diet and regular exercise to prevent weight gain after treatment.
  • Do not take photonic or radiofrequency treatment within two weeks after treatment.
  • You can take a shower on the day when you have a treatment; clean your skin with warm water within a week; do not enjoy saunas or hot springs.



Q: Is a fat-freezing machine safe?

A: Compared with other means like liposuction, it's noninvasive and non-surgical and will not damage skin or blood vessels. It only utilizes the physical feature of fat cells. Therefore, it's very safe.


Q: Does it have any side effects?

A: It's a question of great concern to many people. Like liposuction, you may experience unevenness if an unqualified doctor does it for you. Cryolipolysis, however, freezes fats and will not harm any tissue so that it will not leave scars. The fat cells that die off will be discharged through body metabolism. The fat will not vanish all of a sudden. Elimination through natural metabolism helps to recycle the body's surface wall. Therefore, it will cause flabby skin.


The following situations may occur within several days to weeks after a fat-freezing treatment:

  • Treated parts may swell or have edema.
  • Treated parts may experience transient amblyaphia, which may last weeks.
  • A treated part may feel itchy, pricking, numb, or pain when you touch or press or have muscular soreness; these symptoms are typical and will take a turn for the better in about two weeks.
  • The fat thickness will decrease gradually after treatment. You will see the changes starting the third week, and you can see the effect in 1 to 3 months. Your body will also metabolize the crystallized fat cells after a session. It takes four months to finish the metabolism.


Q: Does it hurt during treatment?

A: Did you ever hold an ice cube? A cryolipolysis machine uses no anesthetic. It makes you feel like grabbing an ice cube. Except for feeling cold, numb, and prick, you may feel dragged, which is not painful and will disappear when the treated parts get numb. According to people who took the treatment before, the limp and numb you feel about your left abdomen will vanish when you have your right abdomen treated.