As we all know, without perfect people ---- our skin won't be perfect either. We all have skin problems, like black spots, freckles, redness or allergies, dry skin peeling, all kinds of things. So what are the causes of these skin problems? A lot of it is due to constant exposure to the eye, but there are many other factors as well. Our hormones are out of whack, or you're taking some medication, or your work environment. Skin is the largest organ in our body, literally the largest exposed organ. Fortunately, our skin has an excellent metabolic system that is constantly renewing tissue. Get new skin.

microdermabrasion skin care

What kinds of behaviors can affect the quality of our skin?

Maybe a lot of people are particularly fond of sunbathing because many people think it makes them feel healthy. Unfortunately, this is one of the most damaging behaviors to your skin. People who are usually exposed to uv radiation have a much higher risk of skin cancer than the general population.

One is people who work in harsh environments, like in the chemical industry. Another is that people with irregular daily life or irregular diet will also have a lot of skin problems. Because there is something wrong with our body, it is often shown in the skin.

However, when our skin has problems, many female friends will choose to buy all kinds of skin care products to improve their skin. Sales will come up with all kinds of reasons to recommend cosmetics to you, but in the end, they will just make you run out of money. In fact, cosmetics cannot fundamentally solve skin problems. The only economical way to improve your skin is to take care of your body. Drink more water every day and eat more fruits and vegetables which are good for your body. And a good schedule. As long as you do these things, your skin will definitely look great. Smooth, even skin color, also will not appear all kinds of black spots and other problems.

So, what else can we do when you have lots of cuticle, dead skin or uneven skin tone?

Today I share a technology for you, that is the microcrystalline skin technology, which is one of the most mainstream skin technology. At present in all beauty salons or plastic surgery hospitals will set up the project. It's an alternative to expensive, invasive procedures like Botox skin treatments, chemical peels, or plastic surgery. Now the technique is not only suitable for women, many men would also accept Diamond dermabrasion facial skin therapy.

The principle of the diamond dermabrasion.

diamond microdermabrasion

Diamond Dermabrasion offers a non-surgical skin repair procedure that scrapes or wipes off the top layer of skin using a sterile Diamond stone and then sucks out particles, dust and dead skin.This program removes debris, blemishes, spots, wrinkles and unnecessary pigmentation from the skin. Appropriate use of diamond exfoliation, with the penetration of skin surface to dermis products, supplement natural nutrition, restore cell vitality, promote skin health. The result of microdermabrasion is usually healthy, glowing, beautiful skin.

Microdermabrasion, which uses tiny crystals to polish the skin, is widely used in a variety of products. These include medical, beauty salons, or skin creams and exfoliations. Can be used for skin treatment of exposed hair parts of the whole body. Like face, chest, neck or arms.

Our skin is made up of two main parts, the epidermis and the dermis. The epidermis is the layer we see with the naked eye, the protective layer of skin. The cuticle, the layer below the epidermis, acts as a barrier between the outside world and the underlying tissue. It also plays the role of material transmission and protection. The stratum corneum prevents harmful particles from entering the cells under the skin.

When we apply some lotion or cream on the epidermis, only a small part of the cuticle can be absorbed by the subcutaneous tissue cells, and the cuticle will also have many defects, such as wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion is the removal of dead skin from the cuticle, targeting only the epidermal cells, not the dermal tissue. So, a lot of people would call it cuticle cleaning.

Exfoliate to even out skin tone

Although medical studies have shown that cuticle cells are constantly being replaced. However, dead skin cells can stick to the surface of your skin, which can affect the permeability of your cloak, clog skin pores, and lead to an accumulation of impurities and infections. Uneven skin tone. Exfoliating is a process that helps to promote skin cell renewal. Removing dead skin cells to replace them with healthier ones will make your skin look more tender and elastic. For a healthier complexion, do this once a week if you have the time. Because this is a continuous skin care process.

Microcrystalline skin changing effect

Microdermabrasion Machines are available for home use as well as professional. Microcrystalline exfoliating principle is the same, after removing the skin cutin layer of dead skin cells, our skin protection system will immediately generate a lot of new tissue, usually within an hour after treatment, the skin appears mild edema, erythema, according to each person's own condition, these side effects will last a few days to recover. There will be several benefits in this process, removing the cuticle and the skin surface will be greatly improved. The healed skin will look smoother. It also removes visible blemishes, such as scratches, scars, sunburns, or fine lines. In addition, if the cuticle is no longer protective. We apply some skin nutrient solution, or essence, which will be better absorbed by the skin.

microdermabrasion before and after


If you are using the MicrodermAbrasion machine at home alone for skin care, move according to the instructions. If not done properly, it can damage the skin or discolor the skin and cannot be used for eyelid treatment, or for areas such as the lips. Because the skin is too thin in these areas, it is vulnerable to damage.

Today I share the technology of Diamond Dermabrasion that's it. Welcome to share! Thank you very much!!