Hydra facial treatment

We all know that with age, from the age of 30 onwards. The skin ages quickly. That's because the skin's ability to regenerate collagen gradually diminishes, and with it, the skin appears wrinkled, with reduced elasticity and firmness. The effects of age on the skin are unavoidable.

In addition to sagging skin, our skin also suffers from various skin problems due to decreased metabolic capacity. Such as increased oil, increased surface dead skin cells, dark spots and so on.

Therefore, skin cleansing has become a very important part of skin care. Timely removal of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin can restore and balance the PH value of the skin and reduce skin aging. At the same time, it can stimulate cell renewal and produce more new cells or collagen. Delays skin aging and provides clean, hydrated lightened and elastic skin.

Skin care requires a combination of cleansing and treatment in order to achieve good skin care results. Therefore, many beauty institutions now have professional beauticians to provide professional treatment for people who need skin management, and set a treatment plan that suits everyone.

The principle of the oxygen hydra facial treatment.


Equipped with the traditional hydra facial cleaning function , and combined with hydrogen and oxygen ions, moisturizing and moisturizing better. It is rotated with water to sculpt the skin and grind the cleaning head, and the spiral head can exfoliate dead skin and replenish moisture. Highly oxygenated water makes water molecules smaller, making it easier for oxygen to dissolve into interatomic space. Vacuum loop formed by vacuum negative pressure, super small bubbles and nutrient liquid full sum. The specially designed spiral suction head acts directly on the skin to promote peeling effect. Moisturizing mask and hydrogen and oxygen ions together can achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation. Under the condition of safe and painless, it can help to open the hair follicle funnel area, remove the skin horny garbage through metabolism, and provide adequate nutrition for the skin, so that the skin cuticle becomes moist, delicate and shiny, which is also conducive to high-end equipment such as intradermal and intradermal injection, to achieve better results.

What skin problems can hydrafacial treament treat?

Hydrafacial is a skin treatment technology that simultaneously cleans, exfoliates, extracts, moisturizes and provides antioxidant care. It is an effective cleansing treatment for the skin through a water whirlpool system, resulting in clearer, nourished and radiant skin. Suitable for all skin types, this technique evens skin tone, improves skin tone, improves skin elasticity and refines wrinkles. Slow down skin aging and promote the absorption of skin nutrients. It is a simple, effective and non-invasive skin management technique.

Hydrafacial treatment steps?

The first step is to clean the skin and remove the stratum corneum. This step mainly removes dead cells, which is what we see as dead skin. to allow the skin to generate new cells to improve skin tone. When we do skin treatment, we need to match two substances that effectively remove dead skin cells, one is glucosamine, lactic acid and peptides. These ingredients protect and repair the skin. Let the skin not be damaged. The other is glycolic acid and salicylic acid with different concentrations, which can promote the decomposition of the stratum corneum and reduce skin oil.

The second step is to use a combination of salicylic acid and lactic acid through a hydrafacial machine to remove blackheads and acne to effectively cleanse skin impurities.

The third step is to repair the skin with the help of some nutrients, such as vitamins and vitamin E; we can eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more water to add moisture to the skin, or some antioxidant skin care products. Of course, many beauty medical institutions will perform LED photon therapy after hydrafacial treatment. It can restore the skin more effectively, achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection, and allow the skin to fully absorb skin nutrients.

A course of Hydra facial skin treatment.

Usually using hydra facial machine to do treatment, professional beauticians will recommend a one-month interval, and 2~3 treatments in each cycle. After these treatments are over, you can do maintenance every 3 months. It depends on each person's skin recovery cycle after treatment.

What should be noted After hydra facial treatment?

After the treatment, avoid sun exposure, avoid UV damage to the skin and produce dark spots and produce black pigment. In addition, you need to add enough water and eat more vegetables and fruits. Apply some moisturizing cream as appropriate.


  1. Deeply clean, and clear face, and improve clogged and enlarged pores.
  2. Remove excess cuticle.
  3. Deeply introduce nutrition and promote skin absorption.
  4. Improve skin texture and elasticity.
  5. Improve uneven skin and deeply cleanse to remove blackheads, whiteheads, acne, mites, and dust.
  6. Tone and hydrate your skin to make it look brighter and smoother.

Hydra facial treatment

Applicable Range

Those with dry skin.

Those with large pores, rough and dull skin.

Those with poor skin absorption and lack of water in the skin base.

Those with dark and uneven skin tone.

Those with excessive oil secretion, and acne skin.

Those whose skin is not smooth due to improper cleaning


Can I wear makeup after do the hydra facial treatment? 
Absolutely, the skin after treatment is moist and plump, makeup will actually last 
longer. This is a safe, healthy, quick and effective way of nursing without puncturing 
skin or leaving scars. 

How long will it take to see results?

After one treatment obvious results are shown, such as clean and translucent skin. It works even better on a continuous basis, improving skin problems such as dehydrating, darkening, fine lines and aging process in the deeper layers of your skin.

Is RF harmful to skin?

RF treatment falls under the category of non-surgery operation. It stimulates collagen regeneration at the skin bottom and boosts metabolism, therefore has no damage to the skin. Partial redness and fever is the normal phenomenon of accelerated blood circulation, and will be resolved by oneself after a moment, so there’s no need to worry.

Will hydro facial treatment enlarge pores?

No. Hydro facial deep cleansing treatment follows the sequence of three steps. The first step is to use the export liquid to soften skin cutin layer; the second step is coupled with different solutions ; choose different solution according to different type of skin); the third step is to hydrate the