Until now, most laser hair removal was done with specialized laser hair removal machines used in beauty salons. The most effective way to effectively remove excess hair is through laser hair removal. The good news is that you can now do it yourself, thanks to a home laser hair remover. Is there a laser hair remover for the face and other parts of the body? Today, we will learn about various laser hair removal devices! It may also indicate your decision on how to purchase a hair removal device.


How do laser hair removal machines work?

Laser hair removers at home are not the same as specialized equipment used by beauty salons to permanently remove hair. Household laser hair removal device is IPL equipment, it is similar to laser hair removal technology. IPL laser hair remover operates on a photothermal basis by heating the hair to high temperatures to destroy the follicle root structure. The beam of light from the laser hair remover penetrates deep structures of the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the hair. Then, under the high temperature of the laser beam, the hair follicles are destroyed. However, the laser depilator's laser is applied directly to the hair, effectively destroying the roots and preventing it from growing back (permanently or for a long time). Due to the high precision of laser hair removal, laser hair removal can effectively remove hair without causing damage to the skin, or minor damage. Anyone who has used a home laser hair remover should know that the treatment does not last long and hair removal needs to be repeated often. The parameters and number of treatments of the laser hair remover determine the effectiveness and durability of hair removal, and also depends on the color, thickness, and density of the individual's hair and skin. Professional laser hair removal is often referred to as permanent hair removal, but IPL light hair removal does not achieve permanent hair removal. After a series of treatments, hair may regrow in certain areas, including hair, under the influence of hormonal changes in the body.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Both the IPL laser hair removal equipment at home and the professional permanent hair removal equipment used in our common beauty salons are more convenient, safe and effective than the traditional hair removal methods, such as shaving knife, tweezers, wax and so on. Using laser hair removal equipment for hair removal, can achieve more lasting hair removal effect. It keeps the skin smooth for longer, and there's no tingling or risk of scratching like with traditional hair removal.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of domestic laser hair removal instrument compared with professional salon hair removal?

  • Hair removal treatments are available anytime, anywhere without an appointment
  • Both hair removal devices are equally safe and effective
  • Treatment costs are relatively low
  • The operation is simple
  • You can share it with friends and family
  • Portable to ensure personal privacy

Disadvantages: because the laser energy of household hair removal instrument is much lower than that of professional hair removal instrument, it takes longer time to remove hair, usually the word treatment time of the same part needs more than 45 minutes. It can even take more than an hour. But with professional hair removal equipment, a single treatment only takes 30 minutes. And permanent hair removal.

Let's take a look at home hair removal equipment

hair removal service best ipl hair removal

Both are hand-held hair removal devices for home use. If you want to learn more about these devices, you can click on the link Homeuse Hair Remove Machine.

Procedure of laser hair removal instrument

In fact, now many people know that there is a household laser hair removal equipment, but still choose to go to the beauty salon to do expensive laser hair removal. The main reason is that there is no good understanding of the reliability and use of household hair removal equipment. Because it is a laser instrument, many people will not use it, but there will be safety risks. I would like to share with you the use of hair removal equipment steps

Step 1: We need to use a razor to remove the hair (in case of the burning taste of the laser directly on the hair)

The second step: adjust the parameters of the instrument according to the depilation site

The third step: the laser probe is directed at the hair removal site once and again to hit the laser, until all parts have received the laser treatment.

Precautions after laser hair removal

  1. No medicine, no alcohol
  2. Keep skin clean and dry
  3. Do not bask in the sun, or go to the beauty salon for sunshine bath and SPA
  4. Apply some sunscreen or moisturizer

Now the use of laser hair removal equipment will be more women, but men can also use laser hair removal equipment, such as the removal of chest hair, legs and other unwanted hair. Do not use it to remove facial hair or hair from private areas.

Can laser depilate have ache feeling?

Many people around me have asked me the same question. Lasers are very powerful in our cognition. I can certainly tell you that the laser hair removal equipment is no pain in the process of hair removal. The laser band used by most laser hair removal instruments is between 650 nm and 1200nm. And now laser hair removal technology design to achieve painless and safe effect.

How to choose when buying depilation instrument?

When we choose laser hair removal instrument, we mainly consider the following aspects

  1. The range of depilation, which parts can be used for depilation equipment. The more parts you can use, the better.
  2. The power of laser hair removal, the higher the power of the instrument hair removal effect is sure to be better.
  3. The volume operable performance of the instrument. Whether easy to operate, LED display will be cheaper for us to operate.
  4. Cost-effective, powerful instrument function, reasonable price is considered by more people.