Skin firming care

Skin care basics

We all know that having firmer skin can make your appearance more attractive and youthful. However, as we age, our skin starts to lose its elasticity, sagging and wrinkles. The main cause of these skin problems is the loss of collagen fibers and collagen. This process generally becomes apparent after the age of 25, especially for women. In addition, if the weight loss can also affect the tightness of the skin. For some middle-aged women, often complain that their skin has all kinds of problems, which is also a common annoyance of many female friends.

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The solution to sagging skin

1. EMS machine can treat skin tightness problems. Using electrical stimulation, the skin cells become more active, encouraging them to produce more collagen. The most common type of beauty treatment we use is microelectric stimulation. When you use it, you'll find amazing results. It's a clinically proven advanced technology. Painless effectively reduces subcutaneous tissue and irritates the skin, making the skin more elastic and firm. The treatment is based on alternating current, which gradually heats up the skin and causes collagen to contract. The result of this process is the formation of collagen fibers, which tighten the body. Five to 15 sessions are recommended for better results.

Electric stimulator is now a very popular technique for beauty and skin care. Usually the electric stimulation beauty instrument that appears on the market now, can combine electric stimulation technology, heat therapy and electric perforation 3 kinds of technology set and an organic whole. All three techniques will tighten your skin faster. By combining these three techniques, your skin can achieve a wide variety of effects. The low frequency and medium frequency of the current will have a good relief of pain to the skin. Stimulate the subcutaneous tissue to accelerate the response, promote the speed of metabolism.

RF skin care

RF(radio frequency) skin tightening

Radiofrequency tightens the skin and works in much the same way as microelectricity. All by stimulating skin tissue to produce more collagen. But the two work differently. Radio Frequency works by heating tissue under the skin with high-frequency electromagnetic waves. It is also a treatment that stimulates subcutaneous tissue with electrical energy. The electromagnetic wave that the alternating current of high frequency produces, the effect to the skin is more obvious. Because the electromagnetic wave generated by high-frequency current carries more energy, the therapeutic effect is more obvious when it acts on subcutaneous tissues. This is the technology that can achieve rapid skin firming. It makes the skin more elastic and effectively removes wrinkles, stretch lines and other fine lines.

For skin problems, besides sagging skin, here is a great technique to solve skin problems.

Lattice laser

Dot laser firming skin

What is a dot array laser

It is a non-invasive dot array laser, mainly used to solve a variety of skin problems. Such as removing skin wrinkles, blemishes, wrinkles, stretch marks and skin tone issues.

The technique is based on a partial photothermal effect that promotes the regeneration of cells in the deep tissues of the skin. Can effectively repair and rebuild the skin. The lasers emit energy in the form of tiny beams that can be controlled to select damaged areas of the skin for treatment. The energy of light stimulates skin tissue to produce large amounts of collagen, making your skin more elastic and youthful. Effectively solve deep wrinkles and fine wrinkles.

Who is dot-array laser suitable for?

If you want to solve any of these problems, you can try dot array laser technology:

  • The skin is flabby aging, the color of skin becomes poor, there are spots.
  • If you want to get rid of wrinkles on your forehead, around your eyes, there are some lines.
  • Skin scars, postoperative trauma.
  • Stretch marks after childbirth.

How does a dot array laser work?

On the lattice laser probe, the heat is transferred to the subcutaneous deep layer through the lattice cluster to form the lattice adhesive. The tight skin is then firmly repositioned for better facial lift. The key to lattice heating is that it solves the problem of skin overheating (a hot cap phenomenon that can occur if the skin can't withstand the heat). Lattice heating can effectively and fully release heat from deep colloidal cells, stimulate the regeneration of colloidal cells and adhesion with surrounding colloidal cells, forming a strong supporting frame. Only laser lattice heating can ensure the full play of energy in dermal fiber layer and achieve the real thermal effect. The laser block system is an ideal skin rejuvenation technique that precisely controls the penetration of laser energy into the dermis. Unique reticular segmental laser technology enables energy to be transferred to the dermis in the reticular structure.

With grid-splitting laser technology, energy can reach the skin surface evenly, avoiding local burns caused by uneven energy. This unique technique ensures care for every inch of skin, fully stimulating collagen regeneration, firming the subcutaneous tissue and creating a prominent silhouette.

Dot array laser treatment cycle

Each person's treatment style and treatment cycle is different. We recommend continuous treatment, usually requiring 5 to 10 courses of treatment for the best.

It is usually done 4-6 times every 2 to 3 weeks for skin rejuvenation and wrinkles elimination.

If it is to eliminate scars and stretch marks, it is recommended to carry out treatment about 2 times a week, about 3 weeks will get better results.

Under what circumstances can not accept dot array laser therapy?

  • There are skin ulcerations, allergies and skin infections
  • Skin cancer
  • They cannot receive treatment after drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Pregnant women cannot receive medical treatment
  • There are signs of skin inflammation