When it comes to body hair removal, I believe many people will not feel very familiar with it, and I believe many people have tried it. The hair removal method that many people think of is laser hair removal, which is a popular method of hair removal. Most people would think that this is a very safe way of hair removal. Because laser hair removal will not cause great side effects on the body, it can be done anytime and anywhere, and after laser hair removal, it will not affect normal daily life. However, is the fact that many beauty salons or beauticians say it is absolutely safe?

Is laser hair removal safe?

In fact, it is not. Recently, there have been many examples of burns who have received laser hair removal. This is enough to show that laser hair removal is not absolutely safe and reliable as we say. Because laser hair removal uses high-calorie lasers to design the melanin in the hair follicles. Therefore, there is a risk of scalding, and laser hair removal may also cause some complications.
This is one of the most popular cosmetic items in the very pair of hair removal and plastic surgery salons, and because the laser hair removal technology is minimally invasive, painless, and safe, it is favored by many patients. Especially at the beginning of each summer, many people choose this method for hair removal. Many plastic surgery hospitals advertised also aimed at these characteristics of public concern. They are safe, reliable, pain-free, and have no side effects. But is this true?

Does laser hair remove have side effect?

We all know that laser hair removal is a permanent hair removal technology that kills and destroys the patient’s hair follicles through laser energy. And after the treatment, it will not have a great impact on normal daily life. Even so, we still need to go to a professional beauty clinic or medical institution for hair removal treatment. In order to save money, many people go to some informal plastic surgery hospitals for hair removal treatment. In some institutions, the beautician does not even have a professional qualification certificate. Real is very dangerous. Because laser hair removal is equivalent to a medical-level mini-surgery, the technical requirements for doctors operating the equipment are very high. If you fail to follow the instructions of the instrument and master the standards, it is likely to cause certain side effects, or even burn your skin.
The professional pointed out that according to the skin of each person, laser hair removal will produce different results. After laser hair removal treatment, there will still be some minor complications, such as skin burns by laser energy, and some will produce pigmentation, like skin that has been exposed to sunlight for a long time. However, even if the pigmentation is dull after receiving laser hair removal, you can rest assured. Because it will disappear after a while. The skin's self-healing ability will be repaired. Then it will change back to its original color.
Secondly, laser hair removal may also produce defective eczema of sebaceous glands, which are located near the hair shaft, that is, under the pores. After laser hair removal completely destroys the hair follicles, the pores will be blocked. In this way, the mutated hair cannot grow normally for a long time, which will cause folliculitis. Therefore, before doing hair removal, it is necessary to check the health of the patients undergoing treatment. Laser hair removal is not recommended for patients with blood diseases. Because it may cause internal bleeding, lack of pigment, inflammation of the hair follicles, and eventually cause decolorization.

How Long Does Hair Remover Last and Cost?

As we mentioned earlier, laser hair removal is permanent hair removal, because laser hair removal destroys the hair follicles, causing the hair to fail to regenerate. Generally, the laser hair removal surgery book needs 20 to 30 minutes each time, depending on the area treated by the patient. If the area is larger, the treatment time will be longer. According to the hair growth cycle, 3 to 5 courses of treatment are needed to achieve permanent hair removal. However, it is usually done once a month. Same location again. Of course, before the hair removal treatment, you need to make a treatment plan according to the doctor's guidance. When doing the treatment, you need to apply local anesthesia or ice compress, so that there will be no pain when doing the hair removal. After the hair removal is over, the skin will feel a burning sensation, as well as redness and swelling. These are all normal. Do not touch water or expose to the sun for a week. Prevents excessive pigmentation.

How much money does laser hair removal need to cost?

The cost of laser hair removal is currently about US$500 to US$300 according to the quotations of many beauty and medical institutions. This is mainly determined by the area we have to remove. The larger the area of hair removal, the higher the cost.
Of course, the cost of going to some formal beauty salons will be much lower than the cost of going to the hospital for hair removal surgery. Because the hospital charges according to the medical level. When we go to the beauty and plastic surgery club, we will charge according to the cost of beauty.

Which hair removal method is the most effective?

In addition to laser hair removal, we also know some other hair removal methods, such as shaver, hair removal wax, medicine, etc. However, these hair removal techniques have disadvantages. For example, hair removal wax can only be used for short-term hair removal. This method not only can't achieve permanent hair removal, but also has a great tingling sensation during hair removal. It is also easy to cause inflammation of the hair follicles. The shaving knife only achieves short-term hair removal.
Therefore, I personally recommend using laser hair removal technology for hair removal treatment. Because laser hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal, although the cost will be relatively high, it is worth it.
So, when we talk about laser hair removal, I believe anyone who knows about laser hair removal should know. There are many kinds of laser hair removal techniques.
808NM hair remove
808nm laser hair removal, also known as semiconductor laser hair removal, uses a semiconductor laser to emit near-infrared light waves to remove hair, which can achieve permanent hair removal.

OPT Laser hair remove
This technology will consist of multiple laser filters, including 430nm for acne removal, 450nm for wrinkle removal, 560nm for skin rejuvenation, 590nm for red blood streak removal, and 6400nm for hair removal.

1064nm laser hair remove
The 1064 nm laser hair removal device can not only perform monochromatic hair removal, but also rejuvenate the skin, shrink pores and increase skin elasticity.

E-light hair remove
E-light laser hair remove machine uses 610nm waveband pulsed light for selective hair removal. In addition, this waveband laser can also perform skin rejuvenation, freckle removal, red blood streak removal and spot removal.

IPL Hair remove
IPL laser hair removal is based on the principle of strong pulsed light photodynamics. It can treat hair removal, eliminate wrinkles, shrink pores, and improve skin tone.
With the above laser hair removal equipment, you can choose the corresponding laser for hair removal according to your needs.
These contents only represent my personal views, if you have better suggestions or insights. You are welcome to share, let us share more knowledge about hair removal, and solve their confusion for those in need. Thanks! !