Ultrasound Therapy Machine For Face Skin Care


1 Introduction
2. Benefits of Ultrasound Facial Treatment
3. Principle of ultrasonic facial treatment
4. What skin problems can ultrasound be used to treat?
5. Scope of application
6. FAQ
7. Summary


Hello everyone, I am very happy to share this content with you. Today I will mainly share with you the skin care of the ultrasonic beauty instrument. Because I shared with you earlier that ultrasonic beauty equipment can be used to lose weight. Therefore, many friends will have questions why ultrasonic technology can still be used for skin care.
In our daily life, everyone is engaged in various jobs. It is inevitable that some friends' work will have a great impact on their skin health. For example, some tour guides are exposed to the sun and the wind and rain every day. Over time, the skin will be prone to yellowing, dryness, and allergies. So, we all use a lot of sunscreen, or buy some serums for skin care. However, the skin care effect is not very good. It takes a lot of serum to be fully absorbed by the skin.
The Ultrasonic beauty machines are currently the most popular face skin care beauty machines that work on skin rejuvenation, nutrition lead-in and skin cleaning. It mainly works on greasy
pore, dry skin, malnutritioned, dull skin and so on. Moreover, they are safe, efficient and has no side-effects. Ultrasonic energy and strong permeability can drive facial cells to vibrate, not only remove the cellulite in the pore, but also change the volume of cells to improve blood circulation,
refine the nutrient molecules, so that they achieve the ability to stimulate face Collagen regeneration and can reach deep into the skin, making it full of luster and elasticity.

So, today I will share with you what the ultrasound face lift machine can do to the skin.

Benefits of Ultrasound Facial Treatment

1. The mechanical vibration effect of ultrasonic beauty equipment (beauty method): The ultrasonic power is strong and the energy is large. When the energy is applied to the face, it can make the skin cells vibrate violently, produce a fine massage effect between the cells, and change the cell volume. Thus, it promotes the circulation of local blood and stimulates lymphatic fluid, and enhances the permeability of cell pores. Ultrasound can also improve the metabolism of lymphatic tissue and the regeneration of collagen, soften tissue, stimulate the nervous system and cell function, and make the skin shiny and elastic.
2. The warming effect of ultrasonic energy: The warming effect produced by the friction of ultrasonic vibration cells can increase the temperature of the skin surface, accelerate the blood circulation, improve the nutrients of skin cells, reduce the excitability of nerve cells, and play a role in sedation. effect. At the same time, it relaxes the spasmodic muscle fibers and relieves spasm. The heat of ultrasound is endogenous heat, 79% to 82% of the heat is carried away by blood circulation, and 18% to 21% of the heat is conducted and dispersed to adjacent tissues. Therefore, the patient has no obvious thermal sensation when using the ultrasound apparatus.
3. Chemical effect: Ultrasound helps to strengthen the catalytic ability, accelerate the metabolism of skin cells, and make the cells and tissues rapidly degrade acidic pH, such as fatty acids, so that the value changes to the alkaline direction. It can also reduce the acidosis and pain associated with skin inflammation. Ultrasound can improve the permeability of cell membranes, promote the decomposition of nutrients and drugs, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

Principle of ultrasonic facial treatment

Well, since ultrasound has these effects. How does it work? Why can environmental tissue cells absorb nutrients.
Let's take a look at the theory that the ultrasonic facial beauty instrument is based on high frequency vibration.
Using the penetrating properties of ultrasonic energy, it penetrates deep into the subcutaneous tissue, to be precise, the energy can reach 4-6 mm of the subcutaneous tissue. The strong permeability of ultrasonic energy can drive facial cells to vibrate. Through violent vibration, it can not only remove facial oil and pores, but also change cell volume, improve blood circulation, refine skin nutrient molecules, and help cells to fully absorb nutrients. absorb. In addition, the energy of ultrasound stimulates tissue cells and activates cell activity. Stimulates the ability of cells to regenerate, penetrates deep into the skin, and the cells continuously produce more collagen, making the skin full of luster and elasticity. Reduce wrinkles. Moreover, its high
The frequency vibration produces a thermal effect, which opens pores and helps to quickly introduce nutrients into the skin, allowing the skin to absorb nutrients better.

What skin problems can ultrasound be used to treat?

1. Clean pores and deeply introduce nutrients.
2. Improve dry skin, dehydration and enlarged pores.
3. Stimulate cell regeneration and promote product absorption.
4. Activation of collagen, anti-wrinkle.
5. Soften blood clots and eliminate "red face.
6. Promote blood circulation disorders, remove facial redness, erythema, etc.
7. Thin face, remove excess facial fat.

Scope of application

The scope of use of ultrasonic beauty equipment needs to be determined according to the frequency of ultrasonic waves. For example, 40K cavitation machine is mainly used for weight loss, this is not for skin care, not for face, neck, or back. If used on the back, it can have an impact on the human spine. The frequency of ultrasonic beauty instruments generally used for the face is 1MHz to 3Mhz ultrasound face skin device.
ultrasound face lift
This type of ultrasound face therapy machine is mainly used to remove wrinkles on the face and promote the absorption of nutrients. Can be used for neck, forehead, cheek and double chin treatment. Of course, the energy of home ultrasonic beauty equipment is not very strong, only for skin care, so it can also be used for whole body skin management.

Suitable for the crowd:
1. Those with dry skin, lack of water and lack of nutrition.
2. People with uneven skin tone, dullness and dullness.
3. Those with hyperpigmentation of the skin at the bottom.
4. People who have fine lines, dry lines and false wrinkles on the skin.
5. Those with large pores and excessive oil secretion.
6, all kinds of acne and so on.
7. Those with poor skin absorption.

Not applicable to the crowd
8. People with severely sensitive or allergic skin.
9. Pregnant women or people with severe heart disease, severe "3H" (high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood lipids) or other serious diseases.
10. People who have just undergone plastic surgery or rehabilitation.
11. Those with large-area wounds on the face.
12. Patients with skin diseases and infectious diseases


Can the effect of ultrasound introduction help to remove acne marks?

Ultrasound implantation uses ultrasonic high-frequency vibrations for channel whitening
Nutrients enter the skin, accelerate nutrient absorption, inhibit the formation of melanin,
Fade spots, effectively improve dull skin and make skin look radiant
nourish. It works especially well on dark spots left behind by acne scars. it's green,
General outdoor activities can be carried out after treatment.

Does the ultrasonic beauty instrument have side effects?
The degree of heating of the ultrasonic probe does not represent the output power of the sound wave. It is necessary to select the energy appropriately, and it is easy to burn the skin if it is too hot. In addition, if the concentration of the liquid medicine is too small, it should not penetrate directly, otherwise it will easily cause the skin to dry. The probe cannot pass through the eyeball, and the upper eyelid cannot be massaged; pregnant women and patients with severe heart disease cannot use it.


Ultrasound technology has been widely used in the beauty equipment industry, and many large beauty salons have also purchased ultrasonic advanced technology beauty equipment for women's beauty needs. For many home beauty equipment, choose safe and reliable products. Ultrasonic series beauty equipment, or to choose the equipment produced by professional beauty equipment manufacturers, a brand worthy of everyone's trust

The above are the knowledge points about the ultrasonic facial beauty instrument that I will share with you today, I hope it can help you. Thanks! !