Our traditional absorption surgery is invasive invasive surgery to remove excess fat from the legs, abdomen, or waist. This way of getting rid of fat has a detrimental effect on the body. Fortunately, there is now a way to shed fat without invasive surgery or even without shutting down the machine. Known as non-invasive laser fat removal, Lipo Laser Fat Remove relies on the power of a laser, rather than removing body fat to quickly lose weight, and does not require any additional assistance from the patient.

Lipo laser slimming machine

  • How do lasers remove fat?
  • Who suits laser to remove adipose treatment?
  • Laser fat treatment process
  • Laser fat treatment price
  • Lipo laser and cavitation
  • Which parts of the body can laser fat be used for?
  • How long can laser fat treatment results last?

How do lasers remove fat?

Laser fat removal technology and traditional fat removal surgery is different, it is not directly through surgery to remove fat, but by reducing the volume of fat to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

In every treatment course of LIPO laser machine treatment, professional beauticians will put the lipo laser diode board sticker on the skin surface to be treated, and then fix the laser light plate through the bandage. The energy from the diode laser passes through the skin to the underlying fat tissue and heats the fat cells. This causes the fatty acids, glycerol and some water inside the fat cells to be expelled. The final excretion through the body's metabolism, such as when we sweat, and urinate, will remove these impurities from the body. Eventually, the fat cells contract and become smaller, thereby removing fat.

Indeed, the principle is the same as when we are exposed to the sun and constantly sweating, which also causes a bit of fat excretion, but the energy of the DIODE laser beam acts more directly on the fat cells.

Who suits laser to remove adipose treatment?

This weight loss technology is not suitable for all people who want to lose weight, because it can not quickly remove fat in a large area. If you are in these situations, it may be suitable for you.

  1. Just want to get rid of 10kg of fat
  2. The goal is to slim down and improve the body's line beauty
  3. Want to get rid of the arm part of the worship meat
  4. I want to improve my legs

Laser fat treatment process

In the whole lipo laser treatment process is very easy, you will not feel anything. Of course, now there are two types of LIPo Laser machine. They are 5MW LIPO Laser Machine and 160MW LipO Laser Machine respectively. If you receive a 5MW LIPO Laser machine for treatment, you will not feel a strong feeling, and the fat will be slightly hot. However, if you are treated with a 160MW LIPO Laser machine, you will feel very warm. Because a 160mw lipo laser emits much more energy than a 5mw laser.

During each treatment, the beautician places a laser light in the treatment area, and the treatment lasts 20 to 25 minutes in each area. Depending on the state of each person's body, it may sometimes be possible to repeat treatments in each area. However, in order to get the best results, we usually prescribe some treatment cycles for patients;

Some people may see results after five or six cycles of treatment, but others may take longer.


Two to three treatments per week are recommended for one to two months


Because this is a non-invasive, non-invasive lipo laser surgery, no downtime is required.

Laser fat treatment price

The cost of Lipo laser Fat remove treatment needs to be determined according to the situation of beauty, and the cost of different people will be different. Also, it depends on the size of the treatment area, and what area you're in. Typically we spend about 1000 dollars for a course of about 10 treatments. However, if you need a longer period of treatment, you will usually be given a discount so that the cost of achieving your goal will be much lower.

Lipo laser compare with cavitation

Lipo Laser machine and Cavitation machine are commonly used in many beauty salons. Since both technologies are non-invasive, cavitation instruments are better for liquids that are slightly larger. Objective To eliminate large amounts of body fat in patients. But treatment with a Cavitation weight loss machine can also become more expensive.

The two types of fat removal also work differently. Lipo Laser removes some of the glycerol and fatty acids from inside fat cells. But cavitations weight loss machines destroy fat cells and then kill them and expel them.

Cost; Under the same treatment cycle, lipo Laser treatment costs 1/3 less than Cavitation weight loss treatment.

Which parts of the body can laser fat be used for?

Because laser fat loss is a non-invasive treatment, it can be used in most areas of the body.

Our common treatment areas include:

  • The waist
  • The abdomen
  • The thigh
  • The calf
  • Arm
  • Hip
  • Double chin
  • Neck

How long can laser fat treatment results last?

Since LIPo laser weight loss is non-invasive, it is not a weight-loss process that kills fat cells. So the actual fat cells are still inside the body, just smaller. If we don't pay attention to our diet and sleep patterns, our fat cells will bounce back. It's going to go back to its original volume.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to personal eating habits after treatment, and do not overeat or drink a lot of alcohol. Time allows for more exercise to maintain the effect.