What is a shock wave?

Shockwaves machine are high-power sound waves that use high pressures to cause mechanical and biological effects. These sound waves are reflected by reflectors and concentrated into a high-energy shockwave. The shock wave is about a thousand times more energetic than an ultrasound. Correct use, to the human body to play a therapeutic effect.

What problems can shockwaves treat?

Shock wave can make the human body by physical shock, stimulate the release of growth hormone, cause microangiogenesis, to achieve tissue regeneration and repair functions. Shock wave can promote tissue metabolism and circulation; Shockwave has analgesic and tissue repair properties and is surprisingly effective for muscle health fasciosis and chronic pain of nonunion fracture. As a result of our own hand joints, or knee and other frequently active parts of the pain, can play a very good relief. Many of our athletes, for example, are treated with shockwaves on a regular basis. Although shockwaves have all these therapeutic effects, they're mostly used to treat tissue regeneration. Shockwave bioeffects can be used to treat or relieve shoulder or hip pain, plantar fasciitis, and chronic tendon disease. In general, shockwave has the following advantages:

  • Promote tissue regeneration
  • Relieve sedative pain
  • Promote cardiogenesis

Shock wave therapy pain

How to use shockwave therapy?

Shockwave treatment in most beauty clubs or medical institutions is mainly divided into the following steps:

  1. First, the therapist will ask the patient about their symptoms and determine the areas of your body that need treatment.
  2. Next, the medical room will apply some gel to the area where you need treatment. The effect of this is to allow the energy of the shock wave to reach the tissue effectively.
  3. At this time, the energy of the shock wave will be set according to the patient's condition, and the treatment area will be targeted for continuous blows.

shock wave therapy

Cycle, the treatment cycle of shock wave is generally needed to reach 3~5 times, according to each person's situation, to determine the interval of treatment time. You can do it two to three times a week, or you can do it 10 days apart. If the condition is more severe, you can choose to have the treatment every 3 days. As it improves, the interval can be lengthened. Usually after 2 weeks of treatment, we can get good results, especially for patients with chronic tendon, can get good treatment.

Prep for shock wave therapy

Because shockwave therapist is a minimally invasive way to relieve body pain, it doesn't cause a lot of side effects. Only mild pain after treatment. But it was soon relieved. And then you can feel the effect. Therefore, no special preparation is required before treatment.

What should I pay attention to after treatment?

Shock wave healing is a physical effect and does not cause any trauma to the body. However, in order to achieve better treatment results, do not do strenuous exercise within 48 hours after treatment. Because the muscle tissue is very active. Tissue regenerates.

An alternative to shock wave therapy

Because one of the biggest features of shockwave therapy is that it can relieve muscle soreness very well. Therefore, there are many medical methods for relieving muscle pain, such as acupuncture in Traditional Chinese medicine, hot compress or ice pack after injury. These are all ways to relieve muscle pain. In addition to these therapeutic effects, shockwaves promote the regeneration of histone proteins and activate angiogenesis.


Is shockwave therapy available to everyone?

Shockwave therapy is minimally invasive, but it's not for everyone.

Medical experts advise against treatment for people with clotting disorders, pregnant women, or organ dysfunction.