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Ultrasonic cavitation technology is a cosmetic weight-loss procedure, mainly used to remove fat deposits from the body. This technique can replace traditional liposuction, effectively remove fat, and is a non-invasive weight-loss technique.

While this weight-loss technique is effective and non-invasive, it does not mean that there are no side effects. After treatment with the Cavitation machine, slight bruising appeared at the treatment site, accompanied by a brief period of mild pain. Still can reduce because of adipose additionally, appear skin flabby, or appear dimple and fold.

Ultrasonic weight-loss equipment in many professional beauty weight-loss institutions will have, the treatment process is simple, the instrument is convenient to operate, and the harm of side effects is very small, the recovery period of side effects is very short, as long as the professional beautician operation, almost no great side effects.

The principle of ultrasonic weight loss:

Ultrasonic fat removal process is also called ultrasonic fat blasting. The role of ultrasound in the medium is based on cavitation: the formation, growth and implosion of bubbles formed when the fluid between adipocyte tissues is subjected to pressure waves. This causes a pressure shock near the bubble and the formation of thermochemical microreactors within the bubble, which expands and squeezes the fat cells, then causes them to burst when the bubble implodes. Finally, through the body's metabolic process, the broken fat decomposition out of the body. This process is called cavitation cellulite remove. It's normal to hear loud noises in your ears when you're doing therapy.

Ultrasound cavitation weight loss

How many is the charge that ultrasonic cavitation weight loss?

Because ultrasonic weight loss technology is non-invasive and safe, there is no need to use other products to assist weight loss. Therefore, the cost of losing weight through ultrasonic instrument technology is very low. Each treatment costs between $230 and $380. Of course, the cost of treatment should also be determined according to each person's physical signs.

And the effect of weight loss also needs to be decided according to individual characteristics. Each person's treatment cycle and the ultimate fat loss effect is different.

What is ultrasonic cavitation treatment?

Ultrasonic liposolysis, also known as ultrasonic cavitation, can be used to sculpt the body and remove excess deposited fat from the body. The treatment uses ultrasound to transmit huge vibration waves of energy to the fat in the target area, break it down, and then pass through the body's lymphatic system to be broken down and discharged from the body.

Ultrasound weight loss is safer than other similar weight loss techniques and does not require cutting fat, which means. This process is not very harmful to the body and does not require a long recovery period. Even after treatment, it will not affect daily life.

Who can receive ultrasonic weight loss treatment?

He is in good physical condition and has no special diseases

The goal is to get in shape

The body is not fitted with any metal devices

No heart disease

The main goal of ultrasonic cavitation lipid-removing technology is to help us effectively build body, and the speed of treatment effect is not well defined. No one will get the same treatment, so this may not be a good option for people who want to lose weight as quickly as possible. So, before doing physical weight loss, we need to consider several aspects. Treatment period, cost, whether there are side effects, effects, etc.

How long does ultrasonic cure reduce weight need?

It is very simple when doing the process of ultrasonic reducing weight. Before treatment, a professional beautician will usually ask you about your personal condition. Ensure the safety of treatment. Then the goods need you to replace the clothes they provide, convenient for treatment. With ultrasound cavitation, you apply something like a gel to the area, which helps reduce the bruising on the outside of the skin. The whole process can last from 40 minutes to an hour. This needs to be adjusted according to each person's physical condition. General division a week to do 1~2 times for a cycle. It will take about 3 months to see significant body fat removal. Because ultrasonic fat removal technology is the process of killing fat cells. Finally, the body's metabolic processes are needed to complete the final steps. Therefore, the effect of removing fat also needs to decide the time of reducing fat according to the individual's body metabolic ability.

The target area of ultrasonic cavitation

Some people think ultrasound can be used for back treatment, but I don't recommend it here. Because ultrasound can affect the spine in the back.

The main goal of ultra side wave weight loss is mainly

The belly

The waist

The thigh

The calf


The face


40K cavitation weight loss

Ultrasound cavitation VS Freeze fat reduce VS liposuction


Ultrasound cavitation

Freeze fat reduce




Minor skin trauma


Type of treatment

Remove small body fat, perfect shape

Lose weight and quickly remove stubborn fat

Lose weight and quickly remove stubborn fat

Side effects

Slight bruising after treatment, no discomfort

Mild pain

Moderate pain




More than 13000$

Number of treatment

Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes

Each treatment lasts about 35 minutes

One session lasts about two hours

Recovery time


A few weeks

More than one month

Conclusion: When we remove fat from the body, we need to consider whether we want to lose weight quickly or just keep fit. Then choose the right way to go adipose according to what you can afford.

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