I believe, for all female friends. Having a perfect body will give you a strong self-confidence. But for some female friends, even if they look beautiful, they will also feel lost. A very important point is their bust. Many female friends' breasts are not perfect, and some even have deformities, left and right breasts, sagging. Some female friends even feel a burden on their hearts because their breasts are too big. Especially in summer, many female friends like to swim in bikinis. Feeling lost because your breasts are too small or not full enough. So many people will think of various ways to enlarge their breasts.
However, many female friends risk their lives to have breast augmentation surgery in order to have a perfect figure. This breast enhancement method not only causes great harm to the body, but also wastes money.

So, today I will introduce to you a breast enhancement device that can be used both at home and in beauty clubs. It is an upgraded version of MS-1275 Vacuum Cup breast enlargement machine. This device can bring breast enlargement, body massage, and lymphatic drainage to female friends without any side effects. Bringing you a confident and healthy life.

Vacuum cup therapy machine

The function and principle of vacuum cup machine.
This product uses physical vacuum to absorb pressure, expand and tighten the chest muscles, and at the same time promote blood circulation, directly expand to the breast sponge, quickly generate new cells, and make small breasts flat and plump in a short time. Under the action of external force, mammary gland cells can promote the body to secrete more hormones to mammary glands, continuously stimulate mammary glands to produce glia, and at the same time quickly deliver nutrients to mammary gland cells. Solve problems such as breast size, nipple shrinkage, sagging and sagging. The commonly used mammary gland instrument can promote the blood circulation of the mammary gland and has a preventive effect on hernia, breast milk and other diseases. Enhance the beauty of female curves and add femininity. It is the best beauty product for modern women's fashion fitness.

How does the instrument work?
This instrument has been upgraded to completely solve the beautician's hands. Compared with the previous breast enhancement equipment. When the beautician is doing breast enhancement for the client, he must always hold the breast enhancement cup with both hands. Now the biggest advantage of this instrument is that it frees hands. A pressure value sensor has been added to this instrument. The set vacuum pressure and adsorption time can be monitored all the time. Let the vacuum cup maintain a certain pressure for a period of time. In this way, the beautician can perform beauty treatments for 2~3g clients at the same time. In the same amount of time, 2 to 3 times the therapeutic feedback can be harvested.
The way the instrument works is to set the treatment time and then adjust the vacuum suction pressure. Put the breast enhancement cup on the breast, press the start button of the instrument, the vacuum adsorption pressure will gradually increase, and the pressure will stop rising until it reaches the set pressure value. This is to keep the pressure at the time you set.

Operation method:
1. Massage around the chest with some lotion for 10 minutes to relax the breast muscles.
2. Apply some latex to the area around your breasts.
3. Set the adsorption pressure value and adjust the adsorption time.
4. After the treatment, apply some serum on the breast and massage for 10 minutes. Then wipe clean.
1. Each treatment is about 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week for 2 to 3 months to see obvious results.
2. Do not take a bath within 8 hours after treatment.

Who needs breast augmentation treatment?
1. People with enlarged breasts
The breasts of some female friends will expand outward and not firm enough, which not only affects the appearance, but also makes it uncomfortable when wearing bra, and it is easy to overwhelm when sleeping at night, which is undoubtedly very uncomfortable.
2. People with saggy breasts
Sagging breasts, which is undoubtedly the most aesthetic, sagging breasts will not look firm enough, which will make people feel less confident and disappointed with their breasts.
3. People with shrinking breasts
Especially for most female friends after giving birth, due to the reduction of estrogen after childbirth, the connective tissue of the chest will shrink, unable to support the chest muscles, and sagging occurs.
4. People with uneven left and right breasts

What other treatments can vacuum cupping machine do besides breast augmentation?
As you can see, the device comes in several different sizes of glasses, and there are also cups made of metal.
What are their respective roles?
In addition to breast augmentation, this instrument can also be used as a body massage to relax muscles and relieve muscle swelling caused by standing for a long time. It can effectively shape the calf.
Another situation is because there are most office workers, that is, white-collar workers in the office. They sit in the office for a long time, so that the body will be numb and sore. Using this instrument can effectively massage the nerve parts of the body and dredge the meridians. To achieve pain relief.
Can I do body medical care?
The main function of this instrument is that it can do beauty items such as breast enhancement and hip lift. It can also be used for body conditioning and care. Why do you say that. You can see a glass that is as big as the water glass we drink. Its purpose is to detoxify the body and remove moisture from the body. Back massage to promote blood circulation.
That is, a common Chinese medicine nursing method, called cupping.

Body detoxification

I'm sure many people have had it happen, have acne on the back, or feel sleepy every day. always want to sleep. This is because the cold in the body is relatively heavy. Use this instrument to remove moisture from the back and remove toxins from the body, which can effectively relieve physical fatigue. Links with acne.

Vacuum cup therapy

In addition to these body treatments, it can also detoxify the lymphatic drainage of the neck, shoulders and neck of the body.
This is what we use is stainless Metal fingertips. With the ball and the negative friction on the body slimming sculpture curve lymph disinfection, also can massage the face neck.

From the functions and functions I mentioned above, we can know that this device is very suitable for beauty salons and family personal care and breast enhancement equipment. It is also very suitable for body shaping and beauty spa. Especially the beauty salon is an indispensable instrument, because this instrument can be combined with many nursing massage techniques of the beauty salon to design many beauty and health regimens that suit the needs of different customers.