Today we introduce a face treatment instrument that can also be used for freckle laser treatment at home! For individuals if they choose to do freckle treatment at home, it is not only price and function, but also very important to compare the therapeutic effect information of household laser equipment and some professional medical clinics. These are the information we should know.

Household laser spot removal

Facial blemishes become more pronounced and serious with age, which is one of many women's problems.

According to the survey, many people are worried about their face becoming dark yellow, even a lot of black spots, even makeup will be difficult to hide these dark skin.

However, the current situation is whether there is a good way to remove dark spots and treat skin problems 、、、、、、

Fortunately, there are laser treatments available that treat these facial problems well, and in some beauty clinics, lasers are used as a skin whitening technique, which is much better and lasts longer than whitening cosmetics. Because laser whitening skin technology is through physical technology to destroy melanin decomposition. However, there are a lot of people who don't understand the technology and are even skeptical about it.

I did some market research and compared the types and prices of some of the more popular household laser decontamination devices.


  • Homeuse laser spot removal machine
  • Different from professional laser decontamination equipment
  • Precautions for the use of household laser freckle removal equipment
  • Introduction of household laser shift equipment
  • Conclusion

Homeuse laser spot removal machine

Usually, household removal of dark spots, laser whitening skin instrument ability is not very strong, than some professional medical institutions laser skin treatment instrument ability is much weaker. It is commonly referred to as a household laser face instrument.

Why I recommend home laser freckle removal equipment, because the beauty clinic laser skin care equipment has a few disadvantages.

Medical clinics are expensive to treat

It takes time and trouble to go to a medical clinic for treatment

Household laser whitening equipment is easy to use

The home laser facial therapy device is a dot laser that activates the skin by stimulating it with a weak laser light. Objective To eliminate melanin precipitated on the skin and gradually improve skin spots. Not only spots, wrinkles and sagging, cuticle and skin tightness, pores, etc. can be greatly improved, to achieve a firm skin, whitening effect.

And professional laser decontamination equipment

What are the differences between professional laser treatment instruments and household laser facial treatment instruments?

Here, I share with you the following points.

1. How to remove melanin

Laser machines used in cosmetic medicine to remove skin blemishes instantly emit powerful, high-energy laser rays that burn the melanin in the spots. However, household laser facial devices do not directly destroy black pigment. Therefore, when the household laser facial instrument improves the skin effect, it takes some time to activate the skin cells and tissues, and gradually promote the skin renewal to improve the skin quality.

2. Pain during treatment

The laser freckle instrument used in cosmetic medical institutions for the treatment of black spots, because of the use of instant high-energy laser to burn black pigment, so, high-energy heat will burn the skin, so that the skin has some tingling. But laser face machines at home. There is no tingling. There will be a slight tingling sensation after exposure, but it will soon recover.


3. Recovery period

Beauty club using laser skin care whitening instrument after treatment, due to the strong laser ability to cause slight damage to the skin, but still need a week or so recovery period. You need to use some skin care products to help your skin recover. Prevents the skin from producing melanin twice. But home laser equipment is not the same, the use of a weak laser power, will not cause damage to the skin. So, the recovery period is short and there is no risk of burning your skin


4. The cost of skin treatment

Laser face devices for home use cost between $250 and $450, and a little more if they have other features. But the professional laser hairdressing instrument, the price will be more than 100 DOLLARS. So, it's going to be very expensive. If you want a faster, more precise treatment for skin spots, you can go to a beauty salon for laser whitening treatments, which can cost around $100. But if you're looking to fix some skin blemishes and deal with blemishes, you can choose to buy a home laser skincare device.

Precautions for the use of household laser freckle removal equipment

Household laser facial equipment to do skin treatment is very convenient, can do skin whitening care at home anytime and anywhere, but we need to pay attention to the following points.

1. Freckles get worse

There is now an optical hair removal device on the market, which can also be used to remove skin blemishes. Laser hair removal instruments and laser freckle removal work in a similar way. But do not use laser hair removal equipment to remove dark spots. Because they use different wavelengths of laser light. Laser hair removal equipment to remove dark spots, black danger, easy to burn the skin, inflammation. Therefore, before laser removal of black spots to repair a professional care beautician.

2. Aggravation of melasma

Many people have some yellow-brown spots on their skin, which are actually called chloasma. Melasma can become more intense when stimulated by light or by intense rubbing. This means that we cannot use facial laser to remove chloasma. Need to use other professional chloasma removal instruments to carry out treatment. So, before treatment, one should confirm the specific problem of clear skin first.

3. Purchase facial therapy equipment accurately

There are a variety of devices on the market that claim to remove blemishes and dark spots from the face. Such as EMS, LED, ion electroosmosis and derivative, electroporation and so on. These devices are actually not very effective at removing dark spots. Think that these are to stimulate the skin activity, so that the skin of siban update to achieve the effect of freckle. The effect is very slow. Therefore, or laser type of instrument to the skin freckle, melanin has a good therapeutic effect.

Introduction of household laser shift equipment

Laser spot remove

This is a multi-dot laser skin beauty equipment
42° Warmth: Promotes acceptable evaporation for the skin, solves scarring problems from the root, keeps the skin clean, can be placed directly on the skin, only warm not hot
Efficacy: Blue light can tighten loose skin, shrink pores, and effectively improve erythema, oily skin and severely sensitive skin. 415nm wavelength blue light can tighten sagging skin and tighten pores
Faster: A wide range of customer applications, powerful and fast energy directly decomposes dark pigments. Very comfortable to use, no pain when using
Portable: Can be used anytime, anywhere, just press lightly on imperfections. Apply it directly to the skin, but not too hard. Pen-type design, easy to carry, use anytime, anywhere
IDEAL GIFT: Easy to carry and easy to use for use at home or on the go. Long-term use effect is more obvious, more durable and safer. The perfect gift for yourself or a friend.


Laser skin care instrument products and professional beauty clinic laser treatment equipment has different treatment methods and effects. Household laser whitening equipment is like cosmetics, need to continue for a period of time to see a good therapeutic effect, the advantage is that you can do skin whitening treatment anytime and anywhere, and economic. People who are getting ready for a procedure to remove dark spots or tighten their skin can choose dot laser.