1. How does IPL hair remove work?

2. Which parts of the body can IPL hair removal machine be used on?

3. What do I need to prepare for IPL hair removal at home or in a salon?

4. Under what circumstances cannot IPL hair removal be treated?

5. Postoperative matters needing attention

6. What are the advantages and disadvantages of IPL hair removal

Body hair removal, among which IPL hair removal device is the most popular, it can be used in the beauty salon as well as at home. IPL depilators are often compared to the most durable diode laser depilators. Although IPL hair removal has gotten some bad reviews recently - the device is still popular and still commercially available. In this article, I take you through the IPL depilator and what type of depilator is best for which situation.

How does IPL hair remove work?

IPL hair remove

IPL hair removal apparatus uses a selective photothermal decomposition method to destroy hair follicle stem cells at high temperature and make them necrotic. The IPL depilator sends pulses of light designed to permanently stop the hair regeneration process. The downside, though, is that this type of hair removal uses light waves that can't accurately transfer energy, and in many cases, hair can regrow despite a series of treatments. Compared to diode laser hair removal, IPL hair remover is a bit like powder on a woman's face, as noted on many forums. Can solve the problem of discoloration in the case of powder removal, as well as hair problems in the case of depilation. But it will never be a permanent solution.

Of course each IPL treatment weakens the hair follicles, but you will find that after a period of IPL treatment the hair will grow back. This means that the hair matrix is dormant when the IPL is used, but it doesn't actually kill the follicle cells completely. If we want lasting results - consider using laser hair removal. Because IPL hair removal devices use variable wavelength light, IPL hair removal devices can remove lighter hair. To permanently remove dark hair, use a diode laser depilator followed by IPL depilation to darken the lighter roots that may appear on the skin after a series of treatments.

Which parts of the body can IPL hair removal machine be used on?

IPL depilator hair removal treatments can be performed on all parts of the body, for all skin light types, with six types differentiated according to the amount of skin melanin. The darker the hair, the higher the concentration of melanin, so the light is more easily absorbed by the hair, resulting in better hair removal.

The device can adjust the light wave according to the color of hair and skin, and also remove gray hair. IPL hair removal treatment allows your hair to be removed during active growth periods (called growth periods). It takes multiple treatments to completely remove hair from specific areas. The interval between them varies depending on the area of hair removal, skin type and hair type, and is usually about 4-6 weeks in the treatment cycle.

What do I need to prepare for IPL hair removal at home or in a salon?

Now many laser hair removal devices can perform IPL hair removal at home - but whether we do famine hair removal treatment ourselves, or in the hands of a professional beauty salon, there are several aspects to keep in mind.

First, the skin needs to be treated: we need to clean the skin before the hair removal to achieve the best results. Use creams, antiperspirants or cleansers to cleanse your skin, especially oily skin, to remove the fat layer from the surface. Because the laser hair removal energy burns the fat.

Short hair - Before hair removal, hair should be cut short, but do not use wax or hair removal cream to remove the root of the hair, so that the laser will not be able to capture any of the dark pigment, the energy will not be absorbed to kill the hair follicle cells.

Medications - Do not take any medications, such as antibiotics, and avoid creams, such as vitamins, before IPL hair removal.

Sun exposure - Before hair removal, do not let the skin in the sun exposure, resulting in skin blackening, which will affect the absorption of light in the hair follicle melanin.

When is IPL hair removal not acceptable?

IPL hair removal can be performed in the absence of:

Drinking alcohol and taking any medications in the 24 hours prior to surgery;

The skin of the treated site is healthy and free from allergy or infection (suppurative lesions, herpes, etc.);

Pregnancy or lactation;

Implanted pacemakers or defibrillators, or metal implants in hair removal areas;

People with diseases or immune system diseases (AIDS, HIV)

At every IPL hair removal salon, it should be possible to consult a beautician about the possibility of treatment. Before treating at home, it is worth considering any factors that may affect hair removal.

Matters needing attention after hair removal

Skin care

No matter what kind of hair removal surgery, you need to pay attention to some skin care. Skin sensitivity is at its highest for several weeks after IPL hair removal. Especially in the face and under the armpits where the skin is tender. These areas need to be kept clean. Some of these details need to be paid attention to;

Stay away from water for 24 hours after surgery

After laser hair removal, you need to drink a lot of water to maintain the moisture content of your skin

After hair removal treatment can not be exposed to the sun, because it is easy to cause dark spots on the skin

If you have a slight tingling or itching, don't scratch with your hands

No spicy food or alcohol for 24 hours after surgery

What are the advantages and disadvantages of IPL hair removal?

Usually IPL hair removers are called lasers, but they are just multicolor lamps - the most common is xenon lamps, which use pulses of light of various wavelengths for hair removal. It is similar to laser hair removal to some extent, because light waves can't destroy hair follicles directly, and skin burns and complications can occur. IPL hair removal cycle usually requires more than 10 to 20 treatments to slowly see the effect of hair reduction.

The advantage is that this laser hair removal technology does not cause skin color changes, but other laser hair removal technology, it is very likely to cause skin color changes after hair removal.