In daily life, we all feel very tired after a hard day's work. Then, after we get off work, we all want to go home and lie down and do nothing. Well, I think we go to the spa to unwind, which is probably the best reward for a hard day's work.
You can release the stress of your day by having a massage at the spa, or taking a sauna session, allowing you to have a better night's sleep.
Of course, some people will feel that driving to the spa by themselves to relax. It would be a waste of time, so today, I will bring you a better option. So that you don't have to spend time driving to the spa for a sauna. We call home infrared sauna equipment. There are many such instruments on the market now. Various models and styles, types are also very many.

What is an infrared sauna instrument?

Infrared saunas can be divided into infrared saunas and infrared saunas. Both are used for sauna use and the effect is the same. Both are heated by infrared energy, which is then absorbed by your skin. While doing a sauna, you will feel very comfortable and it will have a great therapeutic effect on the body. Make your body healthier.

What is the difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

Anyone who has been to a sauna center before should know that you will put on special sauna clothing and enter a large sauna room that can seat several people. This kind of relaxation is done by heating the air and water vapor, and then people sit in the sauna. Need to sit for a long time. In an infrared sauna, the energy from infrared rays is used for heating, which directly passes through the skin to allow cells to absorb the heat. The body can be heated.

Top 5 Sauna machine.

Far Infrared Sauna Equipment

Far Infrared sauna blanket

This is a far infrared sauna blanket that can be used by professional beauty salons or at home. This sauna blanket fulfills the functions of those saunas described earlier.
1. Can promote blood circulation, enhance cell nutrition, make skin fresher and more energetic
2. Use infrared rays to irradiate the body, so that the energy under the skin is transferred as heating energy, the temperature of the skin cells rises, the blood vessels are expanded, the excess fat in the skin is burned, and finally the effect of fat reduction and sauna suit for weight loss.
3. Relieve muscle tension, muscle soreness, and joint pain relief.
The biggest advantage is that when using this sauna blanket, people can lie flat, and you can set the time and take a nap. Very convenient and comfortable to use. You can also listen to the song to enjoy the process.
This sauna device can be carried on the go as well as for personal home use.

Private Far Infrared Sauna Basin

Infrared sauna room

This private steam room sauna at home. It's a kind of electromagnetic wave,an intense radioactive ray with longer wavelength than the visible light on the spectrum. The near infrared can be used in food processing, Vehicle painting,cooking, while the far infrared is particularly suitable for physiotherapy. It can be obtained only if light is accompanied with heat.
The features of this sauna equipment are:
1. Improve physiological oxidation and reduction, removes excess fat and maintain healthy.
2. Save your energy. Not like the exercise does
3.Heat preservation effect can maintain your body in a balanced nutrition.
4.Speeds up the metabolism of sweat and fat as well as the removal of toxins, heavy metals, waste, etc
5. Stimulate physiological function, intensify the hormone and enzyme.
The advantage is that it has multiple functions, and can do multiple physical treatments on the body at the same time, and also includes the function of light therapy, but the price is slightly expensive, and it is only suitable for home use.

Portable Far Infrared Sauna


This is a portable infrared sauna device. Due to its writing characteristics, this instrument is ideal for travel use. When you go on a long trip, after a long day of driving, you can relax and unwind anytime, anywhere. This instrument contains infrared heating plates, which can be placed on the feet, back and sides respectively, and can perform sauna treatment on the whole body at the same time. Especially when you walk for a day, it feels very wonderful to relax the soles of the feet through the infrared sauna heating plate.
The advantage of this infrared sauna is that it is easy to carry, and can be used for sauna treatment anytime and anywhere to relieve physical fatigue. In addition, it has the characteristics of simple operation and foldable. And the price of this sauna equipment is very affordable. Everyone can afford it. Moreover, during the sauna treatment, the head is exposed, so that you will not be in the hot sauna all the time.
The disadvantage is that the space is not large, and the matching chair is not very large. It may be inconvenient for a big person to use, but you can match the chair yourself.

Bedroom Single Far Infrared Sauna

Far Infrared Sauna room

At this time, a far infrared sauna is very suitable for relieving muscle soreness and joint pain. When you feel very sore in your muscles or joints after exercising at home, you can use infrared sauna therapy. This bathroom sauna is perfect for home use.
The energy carried by far infrared rays heats your body, which can greatly relieve your muscle soreness, and at the same time make your whole body reach a relaxed state. The heating effect is very good. If you place it in the bathroom, you can use the instrument with your loved one and have a good time.
It can be installed anywhere in your home such as basement, bathroom, room, gym, etc. The advantage of this sauna room is that it is very suitable for family use; suitable for couples to use together; it has a good effect on relieving physical fatigue and joint pain; at the same time, it can burn the body's calories very well. Simple structure, easy to operate and install.

Multi-person wooden infrared sauna

Far Infrared Sauna room

This wooden infrared sauna room many functions, such as oxide ion generator, chemotherapy lighting, and infrared heating device. These functions can give your tired body a good soothing effect. This infrared sauna is different from a traditional sauna.
This sauna looks very large and uses a wooden construction that looks very strong and durable. Not only such. It uses infrared heating, so the advantage of this wooden infrared sauna is that when the air is heated, the temperature will be very uniform, and the controllability is very strong, and the temperature can be adjusted accurately. The disadvantage is that it is very large; the whole person goes in for heating, which will make people feel hot and humid.

What is the biggest difference between an infrared sauna and a traditional sauna?

1. The heating method is different.
Infrared saunas mainly heat the body through the energy of infrared rays, while traditional saunas increase the temperature in the room by heating the air in the room and heating water vapor. This is the biggest difference between them.
Therefore, relatively speaking, infrared heat directly heats the body, and the energy acts directly on the body. The treatment effect will be better.
2. How to use
The traditional way of sauna is to heat the air to continuously generate a lot of hot water vapor. In fact, when people do physical therapy inside, it will easily cause difficulty breathing. Because the air is stuffy. Infrared rays act directly on the body and heat up the internal tissues of the body. make it more secure.

Questions about infrared saunas

Are infrared saunas bad?
We have only realized that infrared rays act directly on the skin of the body. So, all external physical therapy is good and bad. As long as you control the use of time and leave, there are operations. There won't be a big problem. Infrared saunas should not be used excessively, which can lead to some health problems. Such as skin allergies, dehydration and other issues.
Are infrared saunas expensive?
In fact, it is not expensive, and now there are many manufacturers on the market that have designed many infrared sauna equipment suitable for home use. It is not only easy to use, convenient to operate, but also safe and effective. It's worth buying if you need it.

The final suggestion is that you should choose according to your own needs, whether it is enough to buy personal use or family equipment. I have introduced different styles of infrared sauna machines here. Hope to bring you harvest. Thanks! !